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Thread: birthplace tupelo

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    birthplace tupelo

    I was just wondering who was in charge of Elvis`s birthplace in Tupelo, Mississippi since Janelle McComb passed away? Is the estate involved in this?

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    Apparently it's owned and looked after by the "Elvis Presley Memorial Foundation of Tupelo". They're licensed by the EPE but I don't know if they have any other involvement.

    Here's the website:

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    i would love to go see the place where the king was born, its just so facinating to me

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    Elvis's Birthplace

    When you see Elvis's home in Tupelo it really makes you understand that he was a man that came from nothing and the most wonderful thing about him was he never forgot what it was like to be poor. He always gave to people in need and never forgot what it was like to be poor. The inside of that 2 room house makes you want to cry but gives you a feeling of great respect for him.

    He did not get into the Hollywood crowd that party all the time and only live only for themselves. I am sure he could of done just that but he stuck to his roots and was a humble man. Dovey

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