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Thread: When did Elvis say this?

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    When did Elvis say this?

    A while back I ran across a quote on the internet from Elvis that almost made me tear up, it went something like this:

    "I've been lucky and you know something? I just feel sometimes like its all a dream, like I'll rub my eyes and wake up and it will all be over. I hope not. I hope it never happens. I hope it never ends."

    My question is when did he say that, and whats the story behind it. What question was this in response to?

    Also, is there any known recording of Elvis saying this?
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    It seem like I heard him say something like that when he went back to Tupelo to play for the first time in the late 50's but I could be wrong.
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    Don't know if there is a recording of Elvis saying it. He probabaly said it in the 50's. He was insecure about his fame for a long time. Even towards the end he wondered whether he would be remembered for anything. I don't think Elvis knew how much he was loved.
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