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Thread: Elvis Article In Playboy -

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    Re: Elvis Article In Playboy -

    lol, haven't read it all, but it's quite funny and indeed I don't think we should believe it hehe

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    Re: Elvis Article In Playboy -

    Quote Originally Posted by utmom2008 View Post
    That article needs to go straight to the trash can More ammo for people to pick on Elvis's weird side
    i agree wiht you

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    Re: Elvis Article In Playboy -

    it was sad to me that Alanna repeated this nonsense in her Baby book - which was otherwise pretty good

    The Natalie story in particular is stupid - let's pretend it happened - Elvis is going to continue to hang out with her after she does this?

    why would she want to hang out with him?

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    Re: Elvis Article In Playboy -

    Quote Originally Posted by Diane View Post
    I read this article before a while back too and was thoroughly disgusted with this person for putting out this kind of trash. It doesn't say much for his own character so he should start looking inward instead of trying to cash in on the Elvis image.

    l agree Diane, l found it rather disgusting to read
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    Re: Elvis Article In Playboy -

    As for the first post - nah! Don't see it, here's another interview if anyone is at all interested - still don't know who he is, tho.

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    Re: Elvis Article In Playboy -

    I wish I didn't read that. Again that Nash woman. Who does she think she is? She finds so called people that were around Elvis. I don't believe a word of it. First of all what guy doesn't like BJ's, please. Elvis would have been 75 and he's been gone for over 30 years, let him RIP. His grandkids don't need to read this stuff. Like a wrote before I bought her book and burned it. I really dislike her.

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    Re: Elvis Article In Playboy -

    I'm skeptical about the reliability of this source overall, but you have to admit that he paints Natalie Wood in a very endearing light.
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