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Thread: Wayne Newton's Song About Elvis

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    Wayne Newton's Song About Elvis

    Have any of you all heard Wayne Newton's "The Elvis Letter". It is a very good tribute song to Elvis, and is probably the best/saddest one I've ever heard.

    Heres the link:

    For those of you who dont know about the Wayne Newton, Elvis letter history he is what happened.

    Elvis was performing in Las Vegas about 3 months before his death, when after the show, while in his hotel room, he wrote down on a notepad beside his bed the following:

    "I feel so alone sometimes
    The night is quiet for me
    I'd love to be able to sleep
    I am glad that everyone is gone now
    I'll probably not rest tonight
    I have no need for all of this
    Help me Lord"
    On the hills of Georgia
    Across the plains of Tennessee
    I've seen and I've done most everything
    That a man can do or see

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    Haven't heard the song, but I'd like to point out that the letter was shown to be fake almost ten years ago by Autograph magazine. It's written on a poor copy of stationery the Hilton only began to use in the 80's, years after Elvis had died, and the handwriting is an exact copy of some public examples of Elvis' handwriting, without any of the variation between letters that happens when you're not trying to copy someone else's handwriting.

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    the best tribute to elvis by far
    very sad
    if i can dream of a better land

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