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Thread: missing Elvis items

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    missing Elvis items

    I just wondered what items of Elvis`s went missing after his death (if you know what I mean)?

    When I was touring Graceland a couple of years ago I saw a small selection of his jewellery on display but where is it all?
    Elvis must have had a huge collection of jewellery you`ve only got to look at the pictures of him particularly in the seventies.
    According to Michael Edwards (Priscilla`s live-in lover after Mike Stone) they were having a discussion and Priscilla produced a bag and tipped it onto the bed and it contained lots of Elvis`s jewellery so I guess we know where some of it went!

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    Hey joanne I agree with you, Im sure that some of Elvis's jewelry was taking by people after he died. Another reason Graceland doesnt have a huge display is because Elvis gave away so much of it to his close friends and family, and some lucky fans.
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