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Thread: A Song You Would Choose To Show To A Non Elvis Fan

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    Thumbs up A song You would Choose

    I would choose Sweet Caroline, from TTWII, origional. Elvis really pours his heart into this song. The way he dances to it is not bad either

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    Tigerman from the "new" TTWII

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    Elvis 56's Lady Wendy56's Avatar
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    Mexico City
    If I Can Dream
    Let the stars fade and fall, and I won't care at all, as long as I have you.

    "You've got it all together like a lovin' machine
    You're lookin' like glory and walkin' like a dream...
    Mother nature's sure been good to Y-O-U"


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    Cadillac King
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    Oct 2004
    when i did my listening assignment, i chose his version of 'bridgeOTW and there was one girl (yet again she is in to good music and likes another artists version of this song', i asked her how she liked it and she said 'i wanted to cry', others said it was very moving. the sound system had it up loud and it gave me chills up my spine! i dunno how others could not. his voice was so strong and full of meaning, it was just beautiful, and the songs climax and his strong voice, the feeling is indescribable
    sincerely, Scott, a 15 year old Elvis fan

    prayers to Jackie my auntie in law, and R.I.P Charlie Hodge, both victims of cancer

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    Stranger in my own home town

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    Darlington, United Kingdom
    His Latest Flame
    If I Can Dream
    Suspicious Minds
    American Trilogy (original single release '72)
    Burning Love
    Promised Land (played REALLY loud)
    "The image is one thing and a human being is another. It's very hard to live up to an image".

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    Mexico City
    I Can Help
    Reconsider Baby
    Almost In Love
    Until It's Time For Your To Go
    Let the stars fade and fall, and I won't care at all, as long as I have you.

    "You've got it all together like a lovin' machine
    You're lookin' like glory and walkin' like a dream...
    Mother nature's sure been good to Y-O-U"


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    The Netherlands
    What now my love ( Aloha )
    Bridge over trouble water

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elvos
    I think promised land would do good as a single even nowadays!
    I agree totally with 'Elvos'

    As a 'younger' fan myself being only 18, I think Promised Land will do really well on the charts, especially over here in the UK, It always gives me goosebumps and will definatley make some more younger fans, the same could also be said for
    T-R-O-U-B-L-E and Burning Love, the teens now days like the faster rock music as compared to the slower ballad, except of course for me being a fan of Elvis.

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    Because Elvis sang a lot of styles, I guess one single song wouldn't do it. I would play the following songs:

    01) Hound Dog (a classic example of 1950's Rock'n Roll)
    02) All Shook Up (my favorite Elvis tune when I was a child)
    03) Something Blue (one of the greatest ballads)
    04) Long Black Limousine (one of my all time favorites)
    05) Promised Land (to show that Elvis still could rock in the 1970's)
    06) Trying To Get To You (live, 21.06.1977 - just listen to this!)

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    Hertfordshire, UK

    walk a mile in my shoes

    I played this song once to a friend who isn'y into elvis at all and he loved it. It's a funky song and one of my favourite 1970 live tracks along with i just can't help believing and let it be me.


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    its hard to change someones views...i have tried. youve lost that lovin feelin is a great choice. any song like that, where you can hear the intensity in the song and his voice.

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    Well, I had Elvis as a project in school, and at the presentation I showed my class "American Trilogy" from Aloha, and "Always On My Mind" from Elvis On Tour.

    I succeded to brainwash them all
    "It is no secret what God can do,
    and I believe there will be peace in the valley some day,
    so take my hand, precious lord, lead me and guide me." Please visit (:

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    in the cold Kentucky rain
    Bridge Over Troubled Water - April14th 1972
    American Trilogy- Jan.14th 1973
    and of course If i can Dream
    "How do I get placed in situations like this? Ah hell, I guess it's all part of showbusiness "~ Elvis in his limo on his way to perform in Omaha, NE on June 19th 1977

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    I would chose some good old Rock and roll numbers and ballads

    Mean Woman Blues
    Treat Me Nice
    Too Much Monkey Business
    Blue Eyes crying in the rain
    Pieces Of My Live
    and of course Polk Salad Annie
    "Don't Forget me Baby,all you got to do is call"

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    coventry england
    well some good choices already given, mine would be:
    love song--- gently
    blues song--- all i needed was the rain
    rock n roll----dont be cruel
    ballad----the fairs moving on
    rockin---memphis tennessee (original version)
    film song----hot dog
    and refering to the songs ELVOS, AND ELV1S said would make good hits if released i disagree mainly because they didnt chart well the first time they were released and also there are plenty more songs not released as singles that could be hits

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    Have so many...I would blast these songs.

    Rockin- Raised on Rock/Tiger Man
    Ballad- You've lost that Love & Feeling/If I Can Dream
    Country- Honky Tonk Angel/A Hundred Years From Now
    Gospel- Run On/So High
    Young Elvis- Such a Night/Blue Moon
    Film Song- Rubberneckin/Viva Las Vegas
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    suspicious minds (thats the way it is)

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    Maine, USA
    American Trilogy
    Bridge Over Troubled Waters
    Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain
    If I Can Dream
    You Gave Me a Mountain
    Only The Strong Survive
    Any Day Now
    Down in the Alley
    Lawdy Miss Clawdy
    A Cane and a High Starched Collar
    Trying to Get to You
    Etc., etc., etc., etc.

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    Coming On Strong
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    I would choose In The Ghetto,Memories,and Bridge Over Troubled Water.

    Elvis Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!

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