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Thread: Elvis & Marvin Gaye etc.

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    Elvis & Marvin Gaye etc.

    What do you think Elvis thoughts or opinions on singers like Marvin Gaye was?
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    Don't know the answer to that one.


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    Well as far as I know, Elvis never gave and opinion on Marvin Gaye; actually he rarely gave and opinion on anything on public.

    But we do know Elvis Loved R&B, Gospel and SOul Music, those were one of his favourite choices; he bring the Sweet Inspirations with him, previously the Aretha Franklin backup Group(remember Elvis on the Las vegas Box Set singing some Aretha Franklin Lines between songs on a concert?) he said they drive him near his soul. (Do you know that between Aretha And Elvis the Inspirations backed Up Jimi Hendrix on one Track of his Electric Lady Land LP?)

    Elvis at one point wanted to work with the James Brown back up Group, the hotest soul and funk music group ever! Don´t remember were I read it, but he wanted that to make and R&B-Soul album.

    He once told to one of his friends, half joking (dont remember the book also haha) that he wanted to stop being Elvis and just join one of those Boys groups; he was talking of those Motown groups like Smokey Robinson and The Miracles, or The Temptations, stuff like that, so he was aware of Motown stuff and for sure he liked it. So I if he was aware of Motown for sure then, he was aware of Marvin Gaye, I Think he could haveliked it , as he liked many of the big Soul or R&B acts of the time.

    But the true is that we dont know, just asume.

    Would it be great if Elvis Recorded I Hear It Through The Gravevine on the American Studios On Feb '69; yet I would like the Elvis version more in the Style of Gladys Knight And The Pipes than the Gaye version.
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    I got to admit I have never read or heard anything concerning Gaye and Elvis.
    He liked James Brown, LIttle Richard, Jackie Wilson, as we all know he loved the black quartets and soul voices but never heard what he thought of Marvin.

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