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Thread: As it Should have been! '58

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    As it Should have been! '58


    Don´t/ I Beg of You 01/57
    Wear My Ring Around Your Neck/Don´t You Think Is Time 04/57
    Hard Headed Woman/ Trouble 06/58
    I Got Stung/ I Need Your Love TOnight 10/58


    Golden Records 03/58
    A) Side
    Heartbreak Hotel
    Don´t be Cruel
    Hound Dog
    My Baby Left Me
    I Want YOu I Need You I love You
    Love me
    Love Me Tender

    b) SIde
    All Shook up
    Too Much
    Mean Woman Blues
    Teddy Bear
    Jailhouse Rock
    Baby I Dont Care
    One Night

    King Creole 08/58

    A) SIde
    King Creole (Track E Take 18 this means the version used to open the esential elvis Vol 3)
    Crawfish (full lenght version)
    Dixieland Rock
    Don´t Ask Me why
    New Orleans
    Young Dreams
    Lover Doll

    B) Side
    Hard Headed Woman
    King Creole
    As Long As I Have You
    Stead Fast Loyal And True
    *My WIsh Came True
    *Bonus Songs

    It sHould have been great to hear snipets of the movie dialoge inserted between some of the songs, like in the soundtrack of the Tarantino´s movie "Pulp Fiction". Imagine a short portion of the dialoge: -now you know what I do for encore- and then: Trouble, or fragment of: -you go to school Im gonna make a buck!- and then: King Creole, stuff like that, that would make this album a must not just for Elvis fans.

    Extended Plays

    King Creole Vol 1 09/58 Same Track list
    King Creole Vol 2 09/58 Same Track List.

    Elvis Sails 12/08 Same
    Christmas With Elvis 12/08 White Christmas, Here come´s santa Clause/ Santa Bring My Baby Back to Me, Silen Night.
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    I?ve just hear the Pulp Fiction soundtrack once again, isnt so cool?, yeah I think the use of portions of the movie dialogue on the King Creole Soudtrack could have made of the King Creole album the mother of all Pop culture Soudtracks. Im gonna watch that Elvis Movie this weekend and try to get some lines that could fit on my hipotetic soundtrack...

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