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Thread: Out In Hollywood - or not?

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    Out In Hollywood - or not?

    I am having a clean-out-frenzy right now!! I feel the need to organize and clean out my computer, I have way to many files that I have been gathering for too many years. And while browsing through old designs I have been working on, I found this one..

    I know I started out wanting to do a Out In Hollywood cover, but then I thought that it didn't suit that title at all. It gives you more of a dark 20's feeling (almost like the bordello scene from the comeback show) than a happy-happy-silly-Elvis-movie feeling So I gave up on it.

    Now looking at it again I feel like I should do something with it. But what? Do you guys have any suggestions? Tha back photo could defenitly be changed, if needed. But I like the front. What kind of compilation could this design be used for?

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    Personally Linda, I LIKE IT!!!

    Both photos you used are very unique, and I think they go very well on a movie soundtrack compilation like this!!!

    The only suggestion I can think of is maybe changing the background color on the front cover? Perhaps using the colored version of your back cover photo would be a consideration as well??

    But I wouldn't change either photo, and I especially like how you have Elvis' name and the CD title between the boxing ring ropes....VERY UNIQUE INDEED!!!


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    It's very attractive

    I don't really like the way the numbering (1,2,3, etc) turned out. The idea is great (just like the way the songtitles are presented), but it looks a bit messy/weird this way.

    Perhaps changing the title to something like 'KO in Hollywood'?
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