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Thread: Elvis' Last Will And Testament...

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    Elvis' Last Will And Testament...

    For anyone interested, here's a direct link to Elvis' last will and testament...


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    Had Priscilla, not convinced Vernon to hand it all over to her before Lisa reached 18, and then that was changed to 21, do you think, as Elvis wished had Vernon not appointed anyone, that Graceland would be open today, and would what EPE be like?

    "If, for any reason, my said father be unable to serve or to
    continue to serve as Executor and/or as Trustee, or if he be
    deceased and shall not have appointed a successor Executor or
    Trustee, by virtue of his last will and testament as stated
    -above, then I appoint National Bank of Commerce, Memphis,
    The Sun Never Sets On A Legend...

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    Thanks for the info SonnY

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