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Thread: What were the dimensions of Elvis' concert scarves?

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    What were the dimensions of Elvis' concert scarves?

    I've seen all sorts of figures, as well as shapes ranging from rectangular to square. I recently saw one for sale on eBay that measured 35"x35" but I've seen others that I believe were closer to 46 or 48", or thereabouts. I know that the concert scarf evolved from a patterned or solid-color silk scarf that Elvis wore to polyester satin scarves that he distributed by the trunkload, but did their size (and even shape?) change over the years? Were the ones sold at souvenir stands the same size as those he draped around his neck?

    Anyone know?
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    Hello 1100ccRider,

    I have one that I brought at Graceland it's 22 inches by 22 inches and has Elvis Presley signature on it.


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