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Thread: life after Elvis

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    life after Elvis

    Good Afternoon!

    I've been pondering a few questions about what life was like for Vernaon, Dodger, etc., after Elvis died--

    1. Is there an account of what Vernon's life was like at Graceland, since his son--and wife--were buried in the Meditation Garden? I would assume it would be a little disconcerting to have them both literally in the backyard.

    2. What about Dodger, after Vernon died? It must have been awfully sad and lonely, being the last one in the family line.

    3. Why isn't Gladys part of the site where Elvis, Vernon, and Dodger are buried? I seem to recall reading that Elvis wanted to be "reunited" or at least buried next to his mother. Where is her grave located?

    4. Did any of the Memphis Mafia hang around Graceland -- at least to keep Vernon and Dodger company, in the immediate aftermath of Elvis' death?

    I would be interested in your insights!


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    Yes read the book, "inside Graceland".

    Dodger didn't ;live that long after Vernon.

    Gladys is part of the site where Elvis is buried.

    The MM, were for the most part unemployed after Elvis died.
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