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Thread: Send Me The Light...I Need It Bad!

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    Send Me The Light...I Need It Bad!

    Send Me The Light...I Need It Bad!


    01. See see rider
    02. I got a woman / Amen
    03. That's allright
    04. Are you lonesome tonight
    05. Blue Christmas
    06. Heartbreak hotel
    07. Love me
    08. Jailhouse rock
    09. You gave me a mountain
    10. Danny boy (by Sherill Nielsen)
    11. Walk with me (by Sherill Nielsen)
    12. Teddy bear / Don't be cruel
    13. Walk that lonesome road (by The Stamps)
    14. My heavenly father (by Kathy Westmoreland)
    15. One night
    16. My way
    17. Band introductions
    18. Early morning rain
    19. What'd I say
    20. Johnny B Goode
    21. School days
    22. Hurt
    23. Hound dog
    24. Can't help falling in love

    Label: Groti Records GR-R 102
    Released: 1994
    Sound quality: poor/average (audience recording)

    Date: May 29, 1977
    Location: Baltimore

    Jumpsuit: Mexican Sundial suit

    Reviews: n/a

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    I think that Elvis needed more than light this evening. He was simply stoned and performed as poor as he could. Even if the song lineup seems to be promising, the show sucks! And so does the sound of this poor audience recording.

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    while it is obvious that Elvis wasn't feeling very well, I think the voice was in good condition, although the average sound quality may play a role as far as the impression one can get from this show is concerned. I think Elvis performed rather well.

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