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Thread: Great Country Songs

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    Great Country Songs

    Short introduction: Another compilation cd. This release however has an interesting tracklist, with the addition of some alternate takes and five previously unreleased versions.


    01. I Forgot To Remember To Forget
    02. Blue Moon Of Kentucky
    03. When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again
    04. Old Shep
    05. Your Cheatin' Heart (take 9)
    06. A Fool Such As I
    07. Just Call Me Lonesome (take 6)
    08. There Goes My Everything (take 1)
    09. Kentucky Rain
    10. From A Jack To A King
    11. I'll Hold You In My Heart
    12. I Really Don't Want To Know
    13. It Keeps Right On A-Hurtin'
    14. Green Green Grass Of Home (take 1)
    15. Fairytale (take 2)
    16. Gentle On My Mind
    17. Make The World Go Away
    18. You Asked Me To
    19. Funny How Time Slips Away
    20. Help Me Make It Through The Night (take 3)
    21. Susan When She Tried
    22. He'll Have To Go
    23. Always On My Mind
    24. Guitar Man (1981 remix)

    CD released: 1996
    Essential: yes

    Contents: 9
    Sound: 8+
    Artwork: 8

    More information:
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