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Thread: Is this the Amber Jumpsuit?

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    Is this the Amber Jumpsuit?

    Is the picture on the bottom left hand corner of this cover the same as the Amber Jumpsuit?

    I think so..but I'm not sure.

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    Hi TCBcollum, Yes it is. although "Amber Jumpsuit" is not the right name. It's only the popular name. Originally it's called the "Lava Suit" and it has amber, red, orange and brown stones and gold nails on it. The picture on the CD cover is taken on September 1st, 1973 in his Hilton dressing room while Elvis was presented with a special gift; a heavy gold necklace. The color picture was taken during the January/February 1974 Las Vegas season. The suit was only worn in Las Vegas and never during a tour.
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