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Thread: Viva Elvis, The Album

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    Viva Elvis, The Album

    Short introduction: This of course is the by now well known Viva Elvis remix cd. Elvis mixed according to the show Viva Elvis which played Vegas. It's not everyone's cup of tea, so to speak. The work they did however on the songs is sometimes pretty cool. With several snippets of Elvis' dialogue or his laughter mixed through the songs. Some tracks stand out; I think King Creole, Bossa Nova Baby and the Opening track are very good.


    1. Opening
    2. Blue Suede Shoes
    3. That's Allright
    4. Heartbreak Hotel
    5. Love Me Tender
    6. King Creole
    7. Bossa Nova Baby
    8. Burning Love
    9. Memories
    10. Can't Help Falling In Love
    11. You'll Never Walk Alone (piano interlude)
    12. Suspicious Minds
    13. Love Me Tender (with Lisa Lois)

    Track 13 is a bonus track. The cd above is the Dutch edition. Other European countries, or The United States will have a bonus track with a singer from that country.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Re: Viva Elvis, The Album

    I really enjoyed this cd. It's great for parties with no Elvisfans. They are pleasantly surprised with these remixed.
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    Re: Viva Elvis, The Album

    Compared to The Beatles Love album this was a compleat rip off . In Ireland there was no bonus track , so if you take away You,ll Never Walk Alone
    and Memories which were only instrumental snippets , that means just 10 tracks . Back to the bad old days of RCA in the 70s . I was so looking forward to this album when it was announced after the excellent Cirque Du Soleil Beatles album which had 26 tracks . I couldnt believe my eyes when it arrived to see so few tracks and even more dissapointed when i played it and discovered only 10 proper tracks of which i only like about 5 to be honest . It
    didnt feel to me like it was given half the time , effort and thought that was given to The Beatles Love album . Im not surprised it flopped , Sony deserved nothing better after ripping off the fans this way .

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    Re: Viva Elvis, The Album

    If they had made the effort there could have been a really cool 2cd release here, not filling the discs with instrumentals and old originals .......

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    Re: Viva Elvis, The Album

    I like the opening 2001 theme which is done nicely and gives a career snipet of Elvis for younger fans. I also like the way they did Bossa Nova Baby. Beyond that, I really do not like this album. Generally I enjoy a remix album of Elvis' material. But most of the songs are simply "too busy" for my liking.


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    Re: Viva Elvis, The Album

    I agree with everyone on this CD, when I do listen to it, Bossa Nova and King Creole were done well,they just seemed to rush or didn't care about the rest, it's such a shame that the greatest entertainer in the world and the greatest fans in the world keep getting the short end of the stick, over and over again! When will Elvis get the Respect and perfection he deserves?? TCB!!

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