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Thread: Next DVD Project???

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    Next DVD Project???

    Was wondering if anyone might know what the next DVD project will be for RCA? Are they going to remaster the "Elvis On Tour" movie and release it next? I'm hoping this will be coming out soon.
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    Nathan Belt

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    I've bin following this topic a while now .... and theres alot of differing opinion
    depending where u look .
    Most seem pretty sure its next on the agenda but there is some sort of
    disscussion over a project Triangle were doing ... perhaps our members know more.Sure hope it gets done ... its my fav concert year

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    Dennyelvis and Nathan....I'm with both of you on this one!!

    Living in the dream world that I do, I am still holding out hope for a deluxe edition DVD release of ELVIS ON TOUR with the movie as well as all (or at least some) of the unreleased footage that was shot for the film....

    But in reality, it looks like we'll all be lucky to just get a decent legitimate release of the original film!!


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