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Thread: As it Should have been! '56

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    As it Should have been! '56

    1956: As it should have been.


    Elvis Presley released 03/56 Same Cover and backcover.
    A) Side
    Blues Suede SHoes.
    I Got a Woman.
    My Baby Left Me.
    Blue Moon.
    I´ll Never Let You Go Little Darling.
    Just Because.
    I Love You Because.

    B) Side
    Shake Rattle and Roll.
    Lawdy Miss Clawdy.
    So Glad Youre Mine.
    Tutti Frutti.
    Im Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry Over You.
    Money Honey.
    Tryng To Get To you

    Elvis released 10/56 I don´t like the cover, to tamed down, I will use the classic Elvis photo used on "A Golden Celebration" also used on the back of Elvis 30 number one hits just that photo and the same red letters that reads Elvis, on the back I will use the photo from the same session used on the Brithish release: ELvis ROck and roll number 2. I would like to use Too Much on the album but I wont cause I will need it as a single early in '57.

    A) Side
    Hound Dog.
    Rip It up.
    Love Me.
    Playing For Keeps.
    Long Tall Sally.
    Old Shep.

    B) Side
    Don´t Be Cruel.
    Ready Teddy.
    Anyway You Want Me.
    How The World Treating You.
    First In Line.
    When My BLue Moon Turns Gold Again.
    How Do You Think I Feel.

    (I Will not mention the Sun rereleases)

    Heartbreak Hotel/My Baby Left Me 01/56
    I Want You I Nedd You I Love You/ I Was THe One 05/56
    (On agust the entire ELvis Presley Album was released as a single I gues well do the same haha)
    Don't Be Cruel/Hound DOg 07/56 (obviously you dont mess with this one)
    Love Me Tender/ Poor Boy 09/56

    Extended Plays

    Elvis Presley 03/56 Blues SUede SHoes, Money Honey/ I got a WOMan, Tutti Frutti.

    Heartbreak Hotel 05/56 Heartbreak..., Im Counting On You/ One Sided Love Affair. Tomorrow Night (yes why not?)

    Elvis Presley 8/56 Baby Lests Play House, Im left youre Right... / Good Rocking TOnight, Milkcow Blues Boogie

    Elvis Presley (name and cover will be changed to The Real Elvis) 09/56 Shake Ratlle and Roll, Mystery Train. / Lawdy Miss CLaudy, Tryng To get to You

    THe Real Elvis. 10/56 Not released

    Anyway You Want Me 10/56 Not released (what for?)

    Elvis Vol 1 10756 Love Me, Long Tall Sally /Paralized, WHn My BLue moon turns...

    Love Me Tender 11/56 Same Track List

    Elvis Vol 2 12/56 Rip It up, How Do you THink I Feel / First In Line, Ready Teddy.

    Strictly Elvis 01/57 Not Released (What FOr?, Buy The album: Elvis at youre near sstore)
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    Could they fit that many tracks on an LP then? They didn't seem to, if so...I think LP capacity increased to about 40 minutes or so in the '70s and '80s, but I'm not sure 16 or more tracks would have fit on the '50s ones. Anyone know for sure?

    And, yeah, RCA messed up the marketing of Elvis and certainly the release of his meterial right from the very beginning. It just got rapidly worse from there. And as big as he was, think of how much more of a presence (critically, as well) he would have been had his songs been packaged with a little more thought...
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    I don´t think it´s about time in the LPs but because of SINGLE importance. In the mid-50´s, the single was the true seller, not the album. So they prefered to keep the hits for the single releases; that´s why HEARTBREAK, HOUND DOG, DON´T BE CRUEL, ALL SHOOK UP or JAILHOUSE ROCK didn´t appear in their "own" LP at the time (except, later, in the 1958 classic , "Elvis´ Golden Records").

    I really like your tracklist for the first 1956 double LP!
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    ELvis 50's Songs are extremely short, seven on each side can fit I guess... Not sure, I was born in the eighties. But if not we can leave out from the first album "I love you Because" and "Im gona sit RIgth down and cry over you" put them out on an E.P. and leave out "Hound Dog and "Dont Be CRuel" of the second L.P.

    Yes Because of single importance I change all the B sides (just my point of view), yet, the fact that albums were not that important that doesn?t mean that in time they became important indeed. What I mean is, just as an example, every time they made those lists of: greatest rock albums, Elvis Presley (the first album) is the only one Elvis LP that apears, and in a very low position, but that is undersandable if we think that the best stuff was released as a single, and his the album were not planed as artists planed them latter on (mis 60's till now), so my intention is to make up the best posible track list to upgrade those albums, so they could have a value as and Album itself and not just a bunch of songs together.
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