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    Suspicious Minds

    Short introduction: Another important release in what was RCA/BMG's "Artist Of The Century" campaign. This double cd-set features all of Elvis' 1969 American Sound Studio recordings, including some very nice previously unreleased alternate takes. More great outtakes from this historical session can be found on the FTD release: "The Memphis Sessions".
    Definately one of the better releases over the last couple of years.

    CD 1 - tracklist:

    01. Wearin' That Loved On Look
    02. Only The Strong Survive
    03. I'll Hold You In My Heart
    04. Long Black Limousine
    05. It Keeps Right On A-Hurtin'
    06. I'm Movin' On
    07. Power Of My Love
    08. Gentle On My Mind
    09. After Loving You
    10. True Love Travels On A Gravel Road
    11. Any Day Now
    12. In The Ghetto
    13. Mama Liked The Roses
    14. Suspicious Minds
    15. You'll Think Of Me
    16. Don't Cry Daddy
    17. The Fair Is Moving On
    18. Kentucky Rain
    19. Stranger In My Own Hometown
    20. Without Love (There Is Nothing)

    CD 2 - tracklist:

    01. This Time / I Can't Stop Loving You (rehearsal, February 17, 1969)
    02. After Loving You (take 2)
    03. Without Love (take 1)
    04. I'm Movin' On (alternate mix / vocals)
    05. From A Jack To A King
    06. It Keeps Right On A-Hurtin' (take 2)
    07. True Love Travels On A Gravel Road (alternate take)
    08. Power Of My Love (take 1)
    09. You'll Think Of Me (alternate take)
    10. If I'm A Fool (For Loving You)
    11. Do You Know Who I Am
    12. A Little Bit Of Green
    13. And The Grass Won't Pay No Mind
    14. This Is The Story
    15. I'll Be There
    16. Hey Jude
    17. Rubberneckin'
    18. Poor Man's Gold (incomplete rehearsal)
    19. Inherit The Wind
    20. My Little Friend
    21. Who Am I?
    22. Kentucky Rain (take 3)
    23. Suspicious Minds (take 7)
    24. In The Ghetto (take 3)

    Recorded: Memphis, American Sound Studios, February 13-22, 1969

    CD released: 1999
    Essential: yes

    Contents: 9+
    Sound: 8+
    Artwork: 8+

    More information:
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    Hey, what else is left to say: Elvis's best recording sessions ever!!!!! ........Ok so there is more to say. If you don't have almost all the following songs, you are depriving your self of some of the very best tracks of Elvis's entire career

    Lets go back to 1969, Elvis was at the beginning of one of the greatest comebacks of all time. After 7 years of not making a live appearance, and making a majority of 20 largely forgettable movies, Elvis came back with a vengeance to Memphis in January, his first recordings there in over 13 years. The tracks are'nt set in order of their recording time, but the first song of this CD was the first song of Elvis's critically acclaimed comeback album for 'From Elvis In Memphis', possibly his best of his career. We kick off with 'Wearing that loved on look', a song Elvis lost himself in many takes about a man's woman cheating on him. Even with a cold and a gritty voice, he puts on a great performance greatly backed up by the fantastic backing singers and band. Fantastic way to start off the album

    'Only the strong survive' was probably offered as a tribute to his late mother. Elvis did'nt agree with how he handled the song (His own quote: She said 'boy, thats one of the worst jobs of singing i've heard in my natural life'), theres no denying the passion and self identification with him in the song. Then another stellar performance. Done in ONE take, Elvis gets lost in an extraordinary moment caught on record in 'I'll hold you in my heart'. Elvis goes on with this song for 4 and a half minute, returning to the bridge over and over, rephrasing the lyrics and re-invigorating the song more and more each time.

    Almost the whole CD is flawless, with another special mention to this song. 'Long black limousine' was the song about a girl who went to Hollywood to become a star, saying she'd come back in a long black limousine for all the town to see. She did, but she was dead, and the limousine was carrying her in her casket. Elvis sings with such emotion as if the girl was some one he really did love. Elvis has an AMAZING ability to put him self inside the song, and make you believe it. Amazing performance

    All though a little less than the other unbelieveable tracks, 'Its keeps right on a hurting' is still a good sounding track, with Elvis sounding sincere and his voice comfortably suited to the song. Then we get country based with 'I'm moving on', which is about the same level as 'IKROAH', but a rocking chorus repeat is very inspired. Then Elvis is about to get dirty with the sizzler 'Power of my love', this song is an instrument for seduction. Elvis works his way along this song with real rocking passion, and a 'sure fire' rocker, to which Elvis was always naturally suited, helped along by the female back up singers dirty orgasmic calls.

    Then a great, great cover of Glen Cambells 'Gentle on my mind', handled vocally very well. Then another fine track, Elvis's version of Eddy Arnold's 'After loving you', to which he puts in 100% once again. Then one of Elvis's most beautifully delivered ballads' 'True love travels on a gravel road', with a sincere vocal performance by our man, one of his finest. 'Any day now', although recorded 7 months prior to his Las Vegas comeback, it is a very 'Vegas-ised' song, with heavy strings and orchestra, and a very delicate and desperate vocal performance by Elvis.

    What more has to be said about Elvis's number 1 hit 'In the ghetto'? Although a song people would'nt associate with Elvis's rebel rocker style, Elvis makes the song his own as if he's been singing it all his life. A sad song,with an amazingly gentle and beautful vocal performance. 'Mama like the roses' was another tribute to his mother and her death, and with how much Elvis puts in to every song he cares for, don't expect any less from him here.

    'Suspicious minds' has been associated with Elvis's Vegas years, and as a number 1, it is one of Elvis's best performances. Just listen to the line 'Oh let our loooooooooove survive!', and thats more than what needs to be said about Elvis, the committment shown to this song is classic, but sadly, as his concert career wore on, Elvis only treated it as an excuse for fancy movements. 'You'll think of me' is a country based song that was the B side of 'Suspicious minds', although it is'nt as good as his best session work from 1969, its undeniable that Elvis is making an effort

    'Don't cry Daddy' was released as a single, and rightfully so. Another tribute to the death of his mother, Elvis sings his own story, as a comfort to his dad. It went 'gold in sales, deservedly so. It is a gold performance. 'The fair is moving on', while the lyrics may at times be a little questionable in the song's emotion, when Elvis gets to the chorus, the way he sings the situation is what i'd like to call 'heartbreakingly tear jerking'

    Kentucky rain, was also released as a single, and is very similar to the sound of 'Suspicious minds' and 'Don't cry Daddy', it is considered one of his finest. The song still displays Elvis's emotional talent in each song he is committed to. Then, we finally get back to rock n roll, with a personal side. One of my personal favourites is 'Stranger in my own hometown', a song that Elvis runs up to for 4 and a half minutes. He keeps replaying the lyrics with equal committment each time, and even with a heay over dub of strings, you still can't deny how much fun Elvis is having. If you love that, you got to listen to the undubbed version!!

    Finally, to close out the first disc of the American sessions anthology, Tom Jones's song, 'Without love'. I consider this better than Tom's version, a very soul based arrangement, with great work from the female back up group. Another passionate performance by THE KING

    Review to be continued..........
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    sincerely, Scott, a 15 year old Elvis fan

    prayers to Jackie my auntie in law, and R.I.P Charlie Hodge, both victims of cancer

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    1969 the best year

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    Re: Suspicious Minds

    This is simply an amazing CD, the songs are superb
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    Re: Suspicious Minds

    what a fantastic double cd

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    Re: Suspicious Minds

    This cd is two albums plus bonus in one.

    From Elvis In Memphis and Back in Memphis complete with alternate tracks.

    The sound is very good and a must for the collection.

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