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Thread: Original Big Hunk O' Love

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    Original Big Hunk O' Love

    Why did the original piano solo from "Big Hunk O' Love" get replaced by the lame one that we have been subjected to on all Elvis CD's since the 50's boxset?

    It's absolutely ridiculous.
    "I always liked that hillbilly."


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    original big hunk o love.

    that's a good question waymore44. personally i prefer the live versions of the song in 1972/73.

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    I also am not sure why it was replaced. Maybe they have lost the Original 1st generation Mastertape? Or it was damaged? Or they have not a good source anymore?
    I really don't know. What a shame.
    The Original Version is spliced from Take 3 and Take 4.
    The Version we have from 92 till now is the full Take 3.
    A good transfer of the Original spliced Master Version can be found on the 2 CD Set: All Time Greatest Hits PD90100(2)

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