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Thread: Polk Salad Annie on TTWII

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    Polk Salad Annie on TTWII

    Having watched the Thats The Way It Is DVD again this morning was just wondering on Polk Salad Annie, about halfway through the song theres a little bit of paper in his hand and has a little read and it gives it someone behind him, Anyone know what was on the paper?

    Whats your favourite rehearsel/on stage song as perfromed on the TTWII dvd?

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    Oh my gosh! I've always wondered too, what the little piece of paper was!!! My dad was like, "He doesn't know the words, he's reading the lyrics!" I'm sorry, but I'm gonna DISAGREE with my dad on that one. That's not true! But I'm still confused by it. I have no idea! Hehe. favorite song on TTWII...I have to say:

    Rehearsal song ~ "Little Sister"
    Stage song ~ "Polk Salad Annie" (he gets SO into it during this song, I mean...just look at his dancing during it! hehe!)

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    I believe it was a note given to him from somebody in the audience, (most likely a beautiful women) though I'm not sure. In the original TTWII I believe it shows him getting the note and tucking in his sached belt, later on it shows him removing the note from his belt and then reading it and handing it off to Charlie. Having performed this song quite often and it being 1970, I'm sure he had no trouble remembering the words.

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    That is a funny thing, isn't it?

    You know, I always thought, maybe it's just the lyric sheet to "I Just Can't Help Believin'". He had some difficulties with that song at the time, right?

    So maybe he had the sheet in his belt for safekeeping, could be...


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    I think when he pulls the note out he acknowledges somebody in the audience. I could be mistaken since I haven't seen it in awhile.

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