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    Raised On Rock

    Short introduction: In the summer of 1973, after the tremendous success of "Aloha From Hawaii", earlier that year, Elvis returned to his hometown Memphis to record at the legendary Stax studios. This album was the result of these recording sessions.


    01. Raised On Rock
    02. Are You Sincere
    03. Find Out What's Happening
    04. I Miss You
    05. Girl Of Mine
    06. For Ol' Times Sake
    07. If You Don't Come Back
    08. Just A Little Bit
    09. Sweet Angeline
    10. Three Corn Patches

    Recorded: July 21-23, 1973 (tracks 2 & 4 recorded at Elvis' Palm Springs Home, September 22-24, 1973)
    Original album release: 1973
    CD released: 1994
    Essential: yes

    Contents: 8
    Sound: 8
    Artwork: 7

    More information:
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    Raised On Rock - 20bit Jap Remaster


    I received RAISED ON ROCK through the post a couple of days ago and the sound is fantastic.BMG/FUN HOUSE have done a great job with more of the instruments being heard,nice and crisp and clear, almost like it was recorded last week,not bad for a CD originally from 73.

    This CD may not be considered a classic by music fans but for Elvis fans it is.Dont wait for ftd TO RELEASE IT try ebay or other import stockists
    The sound really is that good you wont be disappointed MY BOY

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