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Thread: ELVIS cd covers.

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    ELVIS cd covers.reply help.unchained llrg. answer!!!!

    i need the silver and black rca victor lp label used on 1956-1964 lps please reply.
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    no i meant ones like on the orignal lps.
    the box logos rca victor a new orthophonic high fidelty recording- rca victor with the dog on top like on the girl happy orignal lp.

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    What format do you need Colorado? I can send as a jpg or any number of vector formats.

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    send as a jpg please.

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    hopefully this works for you. if you need other colors or such let me know
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails rca.jpg  

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    can you or unchained make me some old style record labels for cd that are replicas of the silver and white top rca used on rca us lps?

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    Something like this?
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    yes put all black behind the rca victor logo and instead of the 45 sized hole make it a
    lp sized hole.

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    I've never seen those words in capital on any records before. Here's a copy of nipper. I found it on but their's was a painting and had a lot of stuff in the background I had to black out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Unchained
    After double checking a lot of original single scans, plus most of the FTD 7? and the new single series I can say they should be Capitals for sure. I only found one original single (lonely man) that did not have capitals, all others really do have capitals my friend.

    Anyway Thanks for the nipper , was this logo ever used for real?
    I never seen this logo on any release before also...but i looks very cool, a bit to 50's next design a 50's cover...
    No i'm working now on a complete ALLC disc, with a lot of up-temposongs from the 50's to the 70's, with the original ALLC recording and the last song is the ALLC version from the '68 special wich jxl used for his remix. but back to the topic, the logo looks mightyfine!

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    Unchained, the singles did have caps. The albums however did not. If you look at the recent Elvis Is Back! release by FTD, it has lower case. Since he's doing an anthology, that would probably qualify as an album.

    I never saw it (black and white logo) before yesterday, but it is from an Argentina release. I think I misunderstood what Colorado wanted. But I've uploaded the picture for you to see. I can't make out what the title or the upper words around Rca Victor though.
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    you did a good job .
    fiill in behind the silver writting with black.

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    Thank You!

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    there are lots of different varitaions from different countries.
    like there is a solid white rca label in africa .
    ill try to locate and upload.

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    can you put the words rca victor in silver also ?

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    this is what i want also.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails three_suns_soft_label.jpg  

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    Can you paste this in place of the one on the label please?
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails rca_nipper.jpg  

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    i still need the label with the silver rca victor like i posted a sample of. please help.


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    where are you llrg?

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    help please.

    i still need the orignal 1956-1960 rca victor. lp label i only got the 1964-1968 one.

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