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Thread: What Are Your Earliest Memories Of Elvis?

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    What Are Your Earliest Memories Of Elvis?

    well mine are really stupid. but i was a stupid kid, and i wasn't even a fan then, so i'm not embarrassed to tell about it

    well when i was a kid there was all these stories here, about Elvis being alive. it was everywhere at that time. in all magazines. so i read it and i believed it. i always thought: if they write it, it has to be true. i found it very interesting, they wrote so much about him. and i believed EVERYTHING i read when i was little

    when i became older, and learned better, i felt really really STUPID for believing that all those years...........

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    the cause of it all..

    The cause of it all is that there is a lot of money to be made out of crazy stories. Thankfully, some people do learn about the truth!

    I can't quite recall the first time I ever heard about him. I knew the name when I was a small kid, but the context it was in was never to be taken seriously.

    When it was 1997 (I was 11/12 years old at the time), it was the 20th year after his passing away. Elvis got more airplay on the radio because of that, and so I got to know songs like Are You Lonesome Tonight and It's Now Or Never - I really liked the passion in his voice. He put some sort of spell on me and it hasn't gone away ever since.

    I also saw some movies on TV around that time. I really liked the friendliness that Elvis had, the good looks, beautiful sceneries and good songs. I found his movies to be entertaining because they were not 'violent all the way'. Even his most violent movie ( I think it's 'Flaming Star') is pretty tame compared to 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre' or 'Die Hard With A Vengeance'.

    Elvis should be seen as an example of how people can be entertained without blood and internal organs all over your screen.

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    Well it all have started cause of my sister She listened to Elvis almost every day...I hated her for it in the beginning...then I became a fan too Its strange...and my first memory of Elvis is I guess ALOHA...
    Destination deals the cards we're just playing.

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    Wow Elvisgirl! You think of all the cool quesitons!

    My earliest memories of Elvis ... were actually my earliest memories! I must have been about 2 years old at the time, sitting on the floor and watching the "Aloha" special with the rest of the family on TV. Of course I had no idea what an "Elvis" was, at the time. My parents kept referring to him as "King," so naturally I thought the show must be some kind of royal tournament! "King" certainly dressed like royalty....

    Then another vivid memory was the day after he died--I was home, and my parents were talking and reading the newspaper, saying "the King" is dead. That year was quite tumultuous, since I remember quite a few events. My memory might be playing tricks on me, but wasn't that the year that Jimmy Carter became president and Ford refused to shake his hand?

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    My father was an Elvisfan as a kid, but stopped collecting records around 1970. But he kept buying Elvis LP's once in a while throughout the 70s.

    I didn't grew up listening to Elvismusic, because my father only occasionally listened to Elvis. But I was so fascinated by the pictures from Elvis in the jumpsuits. Being around 7-8 years, those pictures of Elvis were the closest that came to Superman, Batman and other superheroes.

    I remembered seeing "Elvis On Tour" on a bigscreen tv near the pool during a holiday. Man, could a man be any cooler than Elvis?

    So my earliest memories of Elvis must have been going through my fathers LP collection and browsing through the 1983 RCA Elvis catalogue...

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    I became an Elvis fan through my aunt who was a devoted Elvis fan herself,but I,m going to tell you one of my earliest memories Of elvis when I had already become a fan! I was 12 years old and my aunt had given me an elvis pic for my Birthday, I liked the pic alot and kept taking it everywhere I went,Iput it between the pages of my book with some dried roses inorder to show it off to my classmates! I was proud of having such a treasure!! when our teacher was busy solving some math problems on the blackboard, my classmates started poking me to see the pic!soon the teacher noticed the commotion and came right back to me and took the book which I had put elvis pic in!
    I was so scared because taking celebrities pictures to school was forbidden and they could punish me for it! I was crying silently all through the class partly because of losing my treasure and partly because of expected punishment!
    After the class the teacher called me to her office she looked at me and asked,Do you know this man?" I replied(trembling!) :yes mam! -"then who is he?"
    -"he is elvis!" -"Do you know that you can be punished for bringing it to school?" and I nodded yes. -" I won,t report it to the principal, because I like the man myself too!! but by God , don,t bring it to school again!"
    You can,t imagine how surprised and relieved I was!!I took my treasure carefully and put it in a safe place in my room! I still have the pic, and It,s so dear for me! It,a B&W pic of elvis in 50,s wearing a striped shirt and holding a pen in his hand, There is a beautiful expression in his face and looking soooo charming!!

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    Memories ... yeah I just wrote about the first song I probably remember hearing.. then soon afterwards it was at a school movie - we "boarders" or those who stayed in the school itself there used to be a movie show every Friday night and once it was " It happened at the worlds fair" shown on 16 mm.
    The scene where Elvis' greets the girls parents made me a fan right away-

    For many many years I remembered it as Elvis raising his hat to them and saying "Hi Mom Hi Dad" anyway the result was that it started me searching for pictures- There used to be a man on a busy shopping street selling actual B&W photos of stars and he had many many Elvis' ..could hardly afford them ...could not afford to buy records and anyway I still had no record player.

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    I thought I'd copy and paste one of my first posts to the board about this subject, but not all my posts are archived anymore

    In short: my almost 17 years older than me half sister was an Elvis fan and I - more or less subconsciously - got Elvis spoon fed to me from my earliest years. When I was a kid, whenever I'd hear an Elvis song, I could sing along with most of it - as over the years the lyrics apparently had seaped into my brain

    So: became an Elvis fan through osmosis, I guess

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    I remember my father playing Elvis records & 8-tracks quite a bit in the '70's. My dad really liked Elvis's gospel music the best. Now I have to be honest here!! When I was a kid, I thought Elvis was weird!! I thought his costumes were awful!! Come on now, I was a new KISS fan and they were into the black leather, high heeled shoes, long hair etc. etc.

    When I first saw the movie "Elvis & Me" when it aired on t.v. for the first time, that's when I became "hooked" on Elvis and have been ever since.

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    It was during watching a tribute concert from Memphis in 1994 on TV...since then...oh...I'm completely fallen' in love!!!!I remember afterwards telling my family every detail I remembered from that program...especially bout Elvis talkin' on the phone in 56' with feet on the table...and the fact that after NBC Tv Special Elvis' leather pants were cut off, cause it was the only possible way to get rid of them called, honey?

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    My friends were Elvis fans and took me to the drive-in to watch TTWII. Polk Salad Annie did it for me and even since then (the early 1970s) I've been hooked.

    I also have early memories of listening to Suspicious Minds at the beach and Kentucky Rain at an aunt's farm!

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