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Thread: aloha press conference

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    aloha press conference

    anyone know were to get this press conference,also the complete elvis sails and elvis graceland homecoming interviews thanks in advance

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    I've got some of the Aloha conference in a documentary called "Elvis Memories" with George Klein. God, is Elvis stoned or what??
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    I believe there are two press conferences isn't there? One where Elvis is totally out of it.....Elvis is mainly sitting there looking bored out of his tree......where they actually announced the programme, and one where he is talking to the press in Hawaii.....he mentions that they are just there to do a show, no hidden meanings, or something along those don't see it as much as the first one.......
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    Medication Side-Effects .....

    Elvis is indeed ....... not feeling any pains during either of those two ALOHA Press Conferences.

    IMO - this is precisely the reason you don't really see either officially / widely released.

    That said, .... they are out there if one looks hard enough to find.

    - Capt. "EL."

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    When did these press conferences take place? Was it the fall of 72'? Thanx!
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    The one to announce the concert was in the Hilton in Vegas in 72' and then he held one in the Hilton Village Hotel in Hawaii when he arrived to do the concerts.

    In the 72' Elvis isn't really there. But Priscilla had only shortly left him and we all know how bored he was of Vegas at this stage, and now instead of a world tour he was doing a satellite show.

    The one in 73' he is a bit better, certainly not as clamy looking. I was hoping EPE would include these on the Aloha Box Set. You can see pieces from them on many documentarys, they are also on Elvis By The Presley's in part.

    But, does anyone know where I could get the complete footage for both?
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    I'd like to know where I might watch them both, too.

    I think they were both the first clear public indication that, to borrow Capt El's phrasing, "terminal apathy" had taken ahold of Elvis' life. It's such a shame, too, as Elvis rarely spoke publically. From that point on, there would be no going back.

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