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Thread: Hawaiian Shows- January 1973 -

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    Cool Hawaiian Shows- January 1973 -

    January 12th 1973. / JAN. 14TH 1973.


    TIME 8.30 PM

    Elvis went on stage at the Hawaiian International Centre at 8.30pm for the rehearsal for his Live Telecast , that was to take place the next night . His hair was restyled and cut and he did a rehearsal show . He was toned , slim and lost a lot of weight for the shows.
    He had just finished a few engagements at Vegas a few months earlier .- .

    Charlie Hodge was the guy that took care of his scarves , who attended the duty of giving Elvis some Gatorade (SPRING WATER ) , and attended to what songs Elvis would sing , song after song . . The songs were somewhat different to what he would do a day later .

    Elvis was going thru a bad time, in his private life at this time , with Cilla and still went on stage and did his show .

    All the tickets were costing a dollar upwards for the Kui Lee Cancer Drive which was a charitable event and even Elvis bought his own ticket and donated a lot of money from his pocket for this cause. (which pop stars of today, would do that .- I cannot think of any. can u ? ) .

    I have this on dvd as well as the Main Concert (Jan.14th )and watch it regularly and still enjoy the excitement of this show.
    Itsa very good show .,-
    Elvis was in his prime from the 1970s for this concert . HE LOOKED GREAT .

    JAN. 14TH 1973.
    TIME 12.30 AM

    Elvis gave yet another good show on this date .He looked great and his hair was re-styled . Charlies job was to find 8 songs to fill the show up . he advised Elvis to do-
    Its over , My Way, I'm So Lonesome I could Cry, What Now My Love and others .

    This was a tense time for Elvis being watched by over 1 Billion Viewers worldwide . Just to think wht pressure he was under .-
    The Colonel took care of booking Elvis to do the shows and raked in his cut from the 2 concerts.- ( this one and for the 12th Jan. ) .

    the showsare available on dvds these days but there are a few videos and dvds that have alternte angles for these shows. I have many versions of these great shows ., on video and dvd -, with different angles etc on them .-

    check out the 2 dvd set that was released a while back .

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