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Thread: This has been a bad week for me.

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    This has been a bad week for me.

    On Wednesday 11 2005 my boss was telling me he had to close the doors for the last time,
    bussiness was bad in the past weeks, so has of wednesday night around 8:00 pm the doors
    was closed.

    I work at Bonanza steakhouse this was the only job i really did like.
    the bosa man was easy to get along with, and some of the people i worked with was also
    nice to work with.

    so i have re-start again to fine work.
    if i had the money i would have bought the place from him, and i do know a little on running
    this place.

    so now my Elvis and Johnny Cash's and my dvd tv series well have to put on hold for a waile
    tell i get a new job.

    i hope i can get one soon.

    i would like to pass this along to you guy's.
    if i dont have any money coming in i might to cancle my internet for a short time.

    but i hope this would never happend.
    Curtis Simpkins

    Long Live Vinyl. :worthy:

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    Sorry to hear that, Curtis. Seek out the job you want, buddy, and don't take 'no' for an answer.

    Tell 'em 'Simpkins is here with the truth.'

    In all seriousness, I wish you the best and if you believe things will work out, they will (cliche or not). won't forget me when I go.

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    That is bad news, Curtis!

    Like Bobby I'm hoping for the best, my friend.


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    Sorry to here your bad news,Curtis
    I hope you find another job quickly

    Best wishes

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    i'm sorry to hear that. i hope you find a new job soon

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