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Thread: Vocal miscues, barking dogs, and other weird things

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    I've heard dozens of mistakes on many of Elvis' studio and live recordings that fit ALL of Lonnie's criteria simultaneously: vocal miscues/barking dogs/other weird things. The name? Charlie Hodge.

    Tree trunk looking b*stard...

    Just kidding, people.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lonniebealestreet
    Remind me of when this occurs, please.

    Reading that again made me think of the chuckle following "No, baby, you can't lick it" in The Power Of My Love.
    Ah, I love that, too! It completely validates the inherent silliness of the lyrics and enhances my enjoyment of the song immeasurably. In fact, this is an excellent example to play to people who think that Elvis was blithely unaware of the quality of a set of lyrics and took himself too seriously.

    Although it's a live recording and the tendency here has to been to talk of studio errors (I guess it's stranger to have errors/quirks show up on disc compared to live performances where errors are a dime a dozen), I'm still surprised that no one's mentioned the laughing version of "Are You Lonesome Tonight". Rumour has it that the FTD label is releasing this entire 1969 concert later this year! Interestingly enough, I was reading some responses to a question posed on recently: what Elvis song(s) would you have played at your funeral? Now, while many went the serious route - suggesting epics like "Bridge Over Troubled Water", "American Trilogy" and gospel recordings - some actually had a sense of humour. One person put forward the laughing version of AYLT because they said they didn't want anyone too sad in attendance: Elvis' infectious - and LOUD! - laughter would certainly have done its job! Of course, someone else said they desired "Burning Love" to be played as their corpse went into the oven...

    What else is there?

    If I recall correctly, high-spirited laughter can be heard at the end of the studio master of "Mystery Train".

    An interesting one from my perspective (since I like the song so much) is in the released master of "Can't Help Falling In Love". Just as Elvis sings the end of "Like a river flows/surely to the sea" at 1:55, a very brief metallic clanging can be heard - like, to my ears at least, a pair of keys being shook. Or maybe Elvis' jewellery decided to make a contribution to history...

    An reviewer also claims that during the infamous Memphis '69 sessions, a fire engine drove past the studio and put Elvis off as he was recording "Poor Man's Gold". Any further details on this one...?

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    When I've had a rough day or nothing seems to be going right, I put in a CD I've compiled of all recordings on which Charlie sang lead or his harmony vocal is high in the mix. It more or less puts your mind at ease; it does mine. "We--welllllll, now you better run..."

    Regarding Poor Man's Gold, as jbgude mentioned earlier, this recording is on Suspicious Minds: The 1969 Anthology, and I can't hear any siren. Elvis sang one line, than laughed a little, and that's the end of the track. I can't remember if I've blasted that with the headphones on before or not, but if there is a siren to be heard on that recording, it is barely least I hope so.

    If you can't hear the siren on that version, then you won't hear it on this version, but I just thought about this and it's kind of neat. That one line is just Elvis singing a it doesn't seem that a siren disrupted an actual take. Anyway, besides the one line from Elvis, all RCA ever recorded was the backing track. Merijn van der Meer put the brief vocal to the appropriate music, which was a good that should have occurred to BMG. (A possibility is that Elvis actually was singing to the pre-recorded track, but BMG simply chose to present it in a cappella fashion. I don't think that's the case, but I'm no sessions wiz. A check of the sessions chronology would probably answer that real quick, but I'm lazy.) You can hear that short goodie here: won't forget me when I go.

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