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Thread: Rockin' Across Texas (Book + 2 CD's)

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    Rockin' Across Texas (Book + 2 CD's)

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    ROCKIN' ACROSS TEXAS - Another in the book/CD series from FTD Records. The ROCKIN' ACROSS TEXAS book is written by Stanley Oberst and contains new stories, updated old stories and some especially rare photographs from Elvis' various concert tours throughout the "Lone Star State". Accompanying the book are a pair of Elvis concert soundboard recordings: the June 19, 1974 show in Amarillo, Texas and the July 3, 1976 show in Fort Worth, Texas. As a bonus, there is also a short, previously unreleased 1960 interview recording with Elvis and his manager Colonel Tom Parker.

    *** DELETED TITLE ***

    Tracklist: (click on the track to hear a 20 second sample) Help

    DISC ONE - Recorded Live in Amarillo, TX. - June 19, 1974
    1. See See Rider
    2. I Got A Woman/Amen
    3. Love Me
    4. Trying To Get To You
    5. All Shook Up
    6. Love Me Tender
    7. Hound Dog
    8. Fever
    9. Polk Salad Annie
    10. Why Me Lord
    11. Suspicious Minds
    12. Introductions
    13. I Can't Stop Loving You
    14. Help Me
    15. An American Trilogy
    16. Let Me Be There
    17. Heartbreak Hotel
    18. Funny How Time Slips Away
    19. Big Boss Man
    20. Can't Help Falling In Love
    21. BONUS: Interview. Odessa, Texas. 1960

    DISC TWO - Recorded Live in Fort Worth, TX. - July 3, 1976
    1. See See Rider
    2. I Got A Woman/Amen
    3. Love Me
    4. If You Love Me (Let Me Know)
    5. You Gave Me A Mountain
    6. All Shook Up
    7. (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear
    8. Don't Be Cruel
    9. And I Love You So
    10. Jailhouse Rock
    11. Fever
    12. America
    13. Polk Salad Annie
    14. Introductions 1
    15. Introductions 2
    16. Love Letters/School Days
    17. Hurt
    18. Hound Dog
    19. Funny How Time Slips Away
    20. Can't Help Falling In Love
    21. Closing Vamp

    none yet
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    It was enough!!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Glenn
    When are we going to hear the samples

    Text removed cause of bad mouthing. We don't accept that here on the TCB-World.
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    Yeah when are we going to hear some samples??

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    I'm not impatient,but i'd like to hear the samples immediately!!!
    I can't afford those very expensive cd's,so i'd like to hear at least
    those short samples.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Nice samples!!!
    "Taking Care Of Business In A Flash!"

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    Review of the Book/CD Set

    Rockin' Across Texas Review

    The Book
    The pictures are fantastic. They are clear and very rare. I have seen alot of Elvis books with pictures and most of these pictures I have never seen before. Very nice. We get pictures of Elvis in his first appearance on the Hayride which is not new, but pictures which occurred a month later are new. Elvis with a fan and performing at Gladwater. We get pictures from 1954 all the way to his second to last appearance in Texas of 1977. It is really cool to have pictures of the shows which are highlighted on the CD's for us to hear.
    The stories are great also. It is good to hear what happens behind the scenes. Stories of Elvis and his crew in different cities and the adventures they had are awesome. If this is the format for FTD in order for them to do the Sun Studio's book then we are in a real treat.

    The Concerts
    The shows are your typical '74 concert and '76 concert nothing new or out of the ordinary here. They are both unreleased which is cool for people like me who have to complete all of the concerts Elvis did. The sound will be discussed with each individual concert.
    The '74 concert is basically a carbin copy of the Memphis concert which was done a few months before hand. The show is a bit bassy. The concert is cut short as "Can't Help Falling in Love" is not complete.
    The '76 concert Elvis seems to be in a good mood and is having fun. It is cool to hear Elvis do America the day before the 4th of July. This show is totally complete and is cool to hear Elvis having fun. This concert is a bit tremble for some reason.

    My wish would of been a soundboard recording of Elvis' first tour of Houston in 1970. Not because of anything rare except of the idea of it being Elvis in 1970 and this being of historical interest.
    I would say possibly a highlight is the unreleased interview from Texas in Odessa from 1960 which gives us an insight of how Elvis was feeling since he was just getting out of the service.

    If you are an Elvis Fan then this is a must.

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    The 1974 concert is good,the '76 show is great!!!!!!
    The book is great,too,but there aren't enough stuff from the 70's.

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    Just how big is this book? How many pages? The book cover led me to believe this would be a 50's cd - the songlist - nothing frm the 50's. Thanks for the information. This helps me out.

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    Only FTD book i ain"t got yet...Better sound on the 76 show than the 74 one?.
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    50s Book & 70s Music

    Purchase this for the book. It is unfortunate that the CD is not from the 50s -- can't listen to the CD and look at the book at the same time. Fabulous book - filler CD -- but yet, it is cool to think about all Elvis achieved from his 50s performances in Texas to his 70s............

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    Know a good concert in 1974 and 76 very good soundboard

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    I`ll just say that I really enjoyed both the book and the concerts....absolutely worth the mony

    Only thing I miss with this book/cd release, is that the cover for the cd`s are only a little plastic sleve inside the book....not perfect.( I`ve put them in a jewel case and made a nice cover for them)
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    Highly recommended!!!!!!!

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    Re: FTD 43 - Rockin' Across Texas (2CD + book)

    This is a very cool collection! Love the concerts included, especially the 1976 show.

    Nathan Belt

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    Re: FTD 43 - Rockin' Across Texas (2CD + book)

    good to know that this is highly regarded, cause it's on the hit list to be 'retired'. i just bought it. can't wait to listen a nd read!
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