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Thread: Elvis in the 80's? What do you think?

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    Elvis in the 80's? What do you think?

    What do you think Elvis would have done differently musically, costumes,acting etc. In the 1980's if he hadn't died so young(at 42) in 1977? I know that he probably would have recorded some more hit songs, or maybe he would have taken a break from touring for a year. And he would be married to Ginger, and would probably have some more children. He was a great father to Lisa Marie.
    Also(Is there anyone out there who can make a fake photo of what Elvis would have looked like if he was on stage in the 80's to present) It would be interesting to see that!!!!

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    Interesting argument, i imagine that would have been pretty cool.

    Elvis in the 80's...i can't really imagine him artistically, but as a man, i guess he'd have married ginger, or at least, spent the best time with Lisa. Imagine how different life could have been for her.

    But anyway...that's the way it is now, and there's no turning back unfortunately!

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