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Thread: Ernst, interview March 05

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    Ernst, interview March 05

    While mid-air I opened the paper-pocket on a a chair in a SAS-plane earlier today, and to my surprise in the magasine SCANORAMA March 05 there was a great interview with Elvis Hunter Ernst Jorgensen.
    There were some mysterious revelations and I will quote Rob Hincks who conducted the interview:

    "And I?m still finding stuff today", Jorgensen informs me. Having peeled his limp frame from its recumbent position on his sofa, he is padding his way up the stairs of his farmhouse to his attic office. My progress is halted at every step by the gold and platinum discs that line the staircase, recognitions of Jorgensen?s success. The office is dark, small, dusty and crammed with junk. "Look at this", Jorgensen exclaims, opening up a file on his PC. "I got this recording from a guy who wants to sell it to me". The recording is a scratchy rendition of a song Presley performed at a concert in Meridian, Mississippi, in 1955 and it is barely audible. "We knew he appeared at the concert, but we had no idea he ever played this song. Only you, me and the people that were there have ever heard Elvis sing this". His sense of excitement at this thought is palpable.
    But he has already moved on, showing me old photographs of Elvis he acquired from a lade in Tennessee ("I can date this photo to a specific day because of the belt Elvis is wearing") and palying me a rare 1960 recording session he is working on right now for a love-songs album released in February. Are You Lonesome Tonight is at full volume on the office stereo. "This is a version you won?t have heard", shouts Jorgensen. I have to take his word for it, it sounding like all the other versions I have heard before. "Listen to the cymbal on this next version. That never made it into the final cut". Jorgensen?s bone-thin leg is keeping in time with the music, his eyes are half shut and, with a big smile on his face, he is lost in a life?s work.
    Despite all this, though, Jorgensen insists he is not an Elvis fan. "I never listen to his music away from work. I?m just fascinated by the detective work aspect of it more than anything else, I guess. I saw Elvis in concert once, in Johnson City, Tennessee, in 1976. I thought he was a bit predictable and too comfotable. What was fascinating was meeting the piano player and the producer, getting the titles of some new songs and filling in a few more gaps. Now that was exciting".

    Cymbal on AYLT, can?t wait for the coming EIB on ftd
    Live song from 1955, could this be Night Train To Memphis???
    Not a fan!!!!!!!!!!!

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    The fascinating elements you pointed out are indeed that!

    I have read before comments from him on not being that impressed with that show he saw. Weird guy. won't forget me when I go.

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    337 this part of an 1 April story ? EMJ plays a rare song for a journalist ? ...and he is not a fan ??

    me thinks there is something rotten in the state of Denmark ( please read your Shakespear)

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    AH yes, the old cymbal out take of AYLT, I remember it well, it's almost as good as the version of Hound dog where , if you listen closely Elvis breaks wind just before Scotty's guitar solo........
    "When You Let Your Head get Too Big, It'll Break your Neck" Elvis Presley.

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    As Elvis said, you?d better believe it fellows. Interview conducted in January 05 and featured in SCANORAMA issue March.

    Can?t wait for ELVIS IS BACK on ftd and the cymbal on AYLT, will sound weird or completely wonderful, who knows?!

    Rob Hincks is a British freelance writer and editor based in Stockholm. He once tried to put together a diary of his career highlights but grew bored after two days.
    [email protected]

    He might give you the title of the ?55-recording, of course it might cost some Sort Golds, hahaha!

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    .....and who the hell would put out an April Fool?s Day Joke a day too early, only a total jerk.....

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    Yup , you said it Pontus... only a total jerk would do that.

    Whose career highlights was he writing about - his ? ....and pay for the title of a "rare" 55 song -no sir, not me.

    I 'd rather ride the Mystery train.

    Thanks for the message anyway.

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    Sheesh I had to triple check after reading all that. Yup, tis true:

    Profile Danish music detective Ernst J?rgensen has spent the larger part of his working life hunting down rare recordings and demo tapes from Elvis Presley. So how can it be that one of the world's foremost authorities on the King says he's not a fan?

    Well that helps - Ernst announcing to captive airline customers that he's not a fan. So I take it the 2.2 million distributed copies won't be causing a rush at the record stores....

    I know he's said before that the 'detective work' was exciting for him, but that's still a far cry from not being a fan. I'd thought he had said the opposite in the past. Those who know Ernst..... what say you?


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    I do believe his statement as not being an fan. Remember when the seventies box came out? I was highly disappoited because all the harmony vocals were mixed away. The were far in the background. A real fan would recognize the fact that part of the Elvis sound was Elvis voice blended with the background vocals such as the Imperials and The Stamps. That was at least what Elvis wanted. On the seventies box his wishes were not granted and I remember reading something like Ernst not liking that kind of overdubs.

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    On the recent news item that the Sun set being produced by Joseph P . may contain something rare or new ...EMJ has mentioned in his comments .."when it all comes down to it ,, I am as much a fan as you all" or very similar words...

    In anycase it does not matter if he is fan or not for me-as long as keeps releasing the rare songs.


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