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Thread: Adios the final preformance error?

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    Adios the final preformance error?


    I bought this CD on the net some days ago and i wonder if its just my CD that have the error.

    You see some of the songs ain't in the order that they should!

    Early morning rain and band introductions are swaped places and from Jhonny B. Goode it is not in the order that it stands at the CD. Plus there are 5 tracks that dont stand on the track list without names?

    Hehe, my english is not as good as i should be but


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    Quote Originally Posted by Unchained
    Strange to say the least, one of the best Audience recording along with one of the worst covers ever.
    Yes you are right Ron, but here on the forum you can find nice alt. covers for this!!!

    (your's and wildstyl's covers are just great!!!!)

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