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    CBS Special

    After just watching my grainy but treasured copy of this tv special .... i have a question if anyone can help ?

    I think we all are aware that on the In concert cd .... the show compiled is from various dates and venues .... but in the TV special itself i noticed that he seems to stick with the Sundial suit.
    Does that mean all the footage is from the same performance ? ....
    i know its heavily edited so im just not sure ... anyone ?

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    hi dennyelvis
    both the cbs special and the in concert lp/cd is only from 2 shows the 19 june in omaha and 21 june in rapid city with allmost most off the performances in the cbs tv special is taken from the rapid city 21 june show.
    on the top of my head
    in the tv special
    how great how art
    cant help falling in love
    teddybear/dont be cruel
    ?nd a clip in see see rider(the start off the second verse ,and some in the solo
    is from omaha
    but really the tv special is so heavely edited with clips from both shows in the same songs
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    Elvis wore the Mexican Sundial suit at every show bar 3 from April 21st onwards.

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    Found this cover art today .... anyone know anything about this new version ?
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    I'm sorry to say there is no official release of the CBS special so the picture you have has been knocked off from the That's The Way It Is SE and some other VCD's doing the rounds on ebay.

    You can get some quite good quality copies out there, but be careful, there is a lot of crap out there to.

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    I read somewhere that it was released on vhs in the early 80s but got "pulled" by the estate? Is this correct?

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    Dave, it has never been officially released.

    I used to think it had too because 11 or 12 years ago I was at one of the shops at Graceland Crossing (adjacent to Graceland Plaza) which back then was an independent business, but now it's EPE-owned. They had the video playing in the store and I thought the guy said something to the effect that the estate wasn't selling it any longer...but it must have been a matter of the estate not permitting them to sell it anymore (maybe they still were though, I don't remember).

    There used to be a couple of neat stores there back then. The Wooden Indian was one of them...I forget the name of the other. Now 2 or 3 of them have the EPE stamp of homogenization, which is a shame.

    Back to the subject at hand, someone else I'm sure can fill in the gaps here, but the special (it might have been the outtakes actually) was released by one of the official fan clubs some years ago--perhaps that's where you got that idea? won't forget me when I go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave TCB
    I read somewhere that it was released on vhs in the early 80s but got "pulled" by the estate? Is this correct?
    All the ones that I've ever seen in this category were obviously cheap knock-offs made to appear as if they were something "Official." Very poorly done in terms of packaging ....... & the visual quality was average at best. Just somebody re-packaging with a new twist in order to make a quick buck. Both the product, & the story, ....... unfortunately, nothing new in The Elvis World.

    - Capt. "EL."

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    Nope, just the ol' ghost of The Colonel that keeps spooking around.......

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