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Thread: Let Me Take You Home

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    Let Me Take You Home


    2001 theme
    C.C. rider
    I got a woman/amen
    Love me
    If You Love Me, Let Me Know
    Love Me Tender
    All Shook Up
    Teddy Bear / Don?t Be Cruel
    Hound Dog
    Burning Love
    Johnny B. Good
    Hail Hail Rock ?n? Roll
    Introductions of Vernon & Dr. Nick
    Why Me Lord
    How Great Thou Art
    Let Me Be There
    Funny How Time Slips Away
    Little Darlin?
    American Trilogy
    Mystery Train / Tiger Man
    Can't help falling in love
    Closing vamp

    Label: Diamond Anniversary Editions - DEA 3595-2
    Released: 1995
    Sound quality: very good (soundboard)

    Date: June 10, 1975
    Location: Memphis
    Jumpsuit: Indian Feather suit

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    One of Elvis? most known concert in summer 1975 from Memphis was recorded on soundboard, but it?s really pity - incomplete! Bootleg Let Me Take You Home was released by DAE in 1995 and I have to say this: it?s really great CD!!! Yes it have few "-" but it have a lot of "+"!

    Plus points:
    1st: in summer 1975 (May, June and July 1975) Elvis did a lot of amazing shows and this is one of best of them. He was in great voice shape (but still worse than on Hawaii 1973 or August 1974 shows) and he was in great mood! Elvis played in Memphis only four times before this show from his comeback concert in July 1969 (16th, 17th and 20th March 1974) and he played basically same setlist on all these shows (all 1974 and 1975 Memphis concerts). What does it mean? Elvis played a lot of my favourite songs (and any of them was sung better than in March 74!). I mean these songs: Why Me Lord (great funny version ), How Great Thou Art and few others!

    2nd: Elvis looked GREAT!!! He was slimmer than on April - May tour and looked far far better than on LV tour (March 75)!

    3rd: Elvis summer 75 concerts were longer than usually! Elvis? classic On Tour shows from 1974 - 1975 was only cca 60 mins, but May - June - July shows was cca 65-85 min long!

    4th: This CD have a really GREAT artwork!!! Beautiful Digipack with few pics from Memphis 75 concert + photo of Memphis Coliseum!

    5th: Really good sound!!!

    Minus points:
    1st: Few musical falses by musicians (who know what I mean )

    2nd: Incomplete Memphis concert

    3rd and last: I don?t like one song of this CD - Little Darlin? (I know, it wasn?t serious, but it?s not my cup of tea )


    Sound: 8 / 10 (great soundboard, but I heard few better... Holding Back The Years or Southbound for example)
    Concert: 9 / 10 (one of best Elvis concert ever!)
    Artwork: 9 / 10 (really great!)

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    This is indeed a GREAT SHOW!!! In fact, I dare say that Elvis sounds even better during this show than he did when he played Memphis in March '74!

    FAIRYTALE is a great performance from this show, as is T-R-O-U-B-L-E!! If I remember correctly, Elvis also did a great version of MYSTERY TRAIN/TIGER MAN during this show! EXCELLENT release!!


    TCB-World...OPEN for business!!!

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    I just love this cd. Elvis is great, the setlist is great and his musicans are great. The artwork is nearly perfekt and you can't do much better with the sound.

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