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Thread: Oh Happy Day

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    Oh Happy Day

    I have some spare web space at the moment as I have moved my pages to Jordan’s server. So following bogarcon’s query about the “Oh Happy Day” footage, for the benefit of those that haven’t seen it I’ve uploaded this clip, along with the “Little Sister” clip to my web space:

    08.02.05: EDIT: - The files have now been moved to the 'multimedia' section on my new site:
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    Thanks for the Clips you posted they are great, pity Little Sister in not complete.


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    I have these clips myself and so haven't downloaded them, however, it's very nice of you to share them on the forum - they are great segments, I guess we can but hope for a Lost Performances Volume 2 sooner rather than later

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    Some excellent clips Rebel. Thanks for providing the links to them for us.....
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