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Thread: Elvis Art Covers...

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    Elvis Art Covers...

    Hi A New Member And A Non-speaking English Fan From Montreal I Want To Say That All Yhe Guys Who Put So Many Work For The Art Cover..well Incredible Job. I`m Doing Some Cover For My Self For Fun But Can Anyone Tell Me With Which Software Are You Using. Have A Nice Day.

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    If I remember correctly Ron didn't you also upload some blank templates so any newbie could have the correct sizes for their covers? That would be a great help as well. Also one very important thing that I have learned is to use the appropriate fonts and try not to get way too fancy or you will run into problems with printing. Also the quality of the pictures is essential. Just my 2 cents worth.

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    I am new the the alternate covers thing myself.

    How do I get the covers from this site to my computer to an actual printed copy.

    I downloaded a free version of coverxp but am still having trouble.

    The covers I thought I downloaded only show "NO preview available".

    I could use some advice.

    Thanks in advance.


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    elvis art cover ``take 2``

    to unchained..about photoshop 7 and other the Print Shop 10 is a good software for cover..have a nice day. Bogarcon

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