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Thread: Elvis movie...

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    Re: Elvis movie...

    Quote Originally Posted by Donut View Post
    I don't know if you have see the link I posted above, but it seems like Mike Jagger is working on it

    Same report rom Fox News
    I did see the link.I guess Im just naturally skeptical.I agree a quality movie is possible.I just wont hold my breath.Hope Im wrong though!

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    Cool Re: Elvis movie...

    The only person who can properly play Elvis Presley is Elvis Presley!!!!!

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    Re: Elvis movie...

    Quote Originally Posted by Brian View Post

    I think the ship has sailed on a properly done Elvis biopic.

    There are actually several actors that i think could have done a good job portraying Elvis had the script been good.

    Kurt Russell late 70s thru the early 80s.
    Daniel Day Lewis late 80s thru the 1990s
    Michael st. Gerard 1990s (Actually played Elvis several times late 80s-early 90s.)
    Johnny Depp in the 80s or 90s
    Joaquin Phoenix in the 2000s.

    Aside from getting a good actor two things could have been done differently to make the biopic better.

    1. Portray Elvis as likable instead of depressed, moody or a jerk. (The Kurt Russell and Don Johnson movies did this and then they stopped and went more negative).
    2. Portray more things that actually happened in Elvis' career/life.

    I was thinking about this a while back that despite so many television movies very little of Elvis' life have been depicted in any of them.

    Elvis recording at Sun ( depicted once)
    Elvis the 1968 television special (depicted only once in a very bad way)
    Aloha (never depicted!!!)
    No, I don't think it's too late to do a well made Elvis movie, Brian. I think if it was done first rate and proper with an accurate storyline and the right actor, I think it could be done and should be done. I don't think any of the movies made so far, were so great. I only like Kurt Russell's performance. You mentioned Michael St. Gerard and I feel he captured Elvis a little in the tv series. I think Johnny Depp is a fantastic actor, but I just don't see him playing Elvis (back then, I mean).

    Quote Originally Posted by Donut View Post
    I liked "Walk the line" too, but do you think Elvis' fans would like a movie like that made about Elvis? It was too centered on Cash drug problems, remember?

    I truly believe a quality movie could be made. The problem with us fans is that we see Elvis as someone unique and inimitable (which is true) that no one could properly portray. But we shouldn't expect anyone to by exactly like him, there was only one Elvis and he is unrepeatable. I guess that if we ask the fans of other artists that have been depicted in a biopic the majority of them would also be discontented, even if the movie was well accepted by the general public. Do you know what I mean?
    I understand what you're saying, Donut. I think fans are ready to see a movie showing Elvis' drug problem, as long as it's not the main storyline of the movie. Yes, Elvis had a drug problem. If they don't focus on it, that's what the difference would be. I never expect anyone to be like Elvis or anyone to be like anyone elise, for that matter. But, when you have someone that doesn't have any features at all as Elvis, it's hard to think you're even watching a movie on Elvis' life..

    The reason Walk The Line worked was because it had strong performances, Phoenix and Witherspoon, even did their own singing...the storyline showed Cash's drug problem, but it also showed a lot of other things and the storyline moved along and also showed his relationships not only with June Carter, but his relationship with his family and the difficult relationship he had with his father. I think if Lisa Marie would get involved and also the MM, there could be some balance and a well made movie could be made. Of course, some will never be happy with any movie made on Elvis, but I certainly think a first rate one should be made. I think the last one made was with Rhys-Meyer in 2005 and he made fun of Elvis after the movie came out, go figure.

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    Re: Elvis movie...

    I don't think a major big screen film about Elvis will ever be made.

    The reason being is that after Elvis died a slew of television movies came out and because of this his basic lifestory became too well known among the general public.

    For this reason Hollywood didn't think a major Hollywood film about Elvis would be a big commercial success.

    This has happened with other celebrities such as James Dean and Marilyn Monroe where they got television biopics rather than a major motion picture biopics

    I wouldn't rule out more television movies being made about Elvis in the future.

    I also wouldn't rule out an independent film being made about Elvis.

    If that happens an unknown actor would be cast.

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    Re: Elvis movie...

    Jaggar could take a very different approach to Elvis-knowing Micks demons and problems during his career-I'm not sure if some fans would like his telling of the life of Elvis.
    But this is another wait and see...any story that starts out:
    ....According to reports, Mick Jagger is in talks to produce the upcoming Elvis Presley biopic. His production company Jagged Films is set to be teaming up with Fox for the biopic, which has been in development for a very long time.........
    kind of begs a wait and see attitude.
    Work in Progress!

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