As Elvis was young, he always opened his ears for the powerful voice of LaVern Baker. There was always a touch of gospel, when she sings her great Blues-Songs. So it was no wonder, that Elvis sings her first hit »Tweedle Dee« in his concerts. Sadly, we only have bad sounding live cuts of this great song. Elvis hoped that this song becomes a single at SUN. Nevertheless, not every dream in his life comes true. For us, the famous song she sings is surely »CC Rider«. It becomes Elvis’ opener in most of his concerts.

When »That’s All Right« hit just the national Country-Charts on August 28, 1954 he should have saying: »I give it all to LaVern.« After Elvis had die, she said about him: »He was fantastic … When he danced, the people danced, the girls would actually faint because of what he was doing. The people did not care if he was white or black. He was a good artist and they felt his music. « (The Rough Guide to Elvis)

The wonderful song »You’re The Boss«, that Elvis and Ann-Margret sings so smoky in her duet never find his plays in the movie »Viva Las Vegas« (Love In Las Vegas). However, the song was a cover of Baker. She had a little hit together with Jimmy Ricks in 1961.

In 1966 Elvis often was listening to her Song »Saved« (Leiber and Stoller). Elvis sings a fantastic and rousing version of this gospel in his Comeback-Show in 1968. And most famous Elvis pays tribute to LaVern Baker and Ma Rainey with his choice of »CC Rider«; witch is a standout of the great album »On Stage«.

In 1953 Faye Adams has a hit with »Shake a Hand« and in 1960 Lavern’s version of this song is also a hit. Elvis covered this beautiful song in his Today-Session in 1975. However, for him, this song goes not so good. »Harbor Lights« and »Tomorrow Night« where Recordings for LaVern and Elvis. In 1961 she recorded an answer song to Elvis’ hit »Little Sister«.

In 1966 she was in the charts for the last time with »Think Twice«. This was a duet with Elvis’ hero Jackie Wilson.