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Thread: Tom Jones, Tower Of Song

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    Tom Jones, Tower Of Song

    A wonderful recent (2012) song by Tom Jones. This feels like it is his own version of f.i. Hurt (Johnny Cash), or even My Way. Simply beautiful.

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    Re: Tom Jones, Tower Of Song

    Such a great voice, I still shudder at the thought of sex bomb though

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    Re: Tom Jones, Tower Of Song

    He looks sad here. Anyway I love his songs, I have a Best Of album from him.
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    I LOVE
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    Re: Tom Jones, Tower Of Song

    Great Song, great voice.
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    Re: Tom Jones, Tower Of Song

    Next to Elvis, Engelbert Humperdinck and Roy Orbison one of the most beautiful voices. Love Tom Jones!!! Great singer, entertainer with a fab voice.

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