Sadly, I will have to begin with my customary ETA-related disclaimer:

DISCLAIMER #The title of this post makes it clear that this topic concerns an Elvis Tribute Artist / impersonator / stylist / illusionist. So with that being said, I will assume that those members of this board who are clearly ETA haters will not have clicked on this topic and will of course not be reading this.

So those of us who embrace all of Elvis' wonderful fans in the spirit of the King can enjoy this topic without having any sneering and / or hateful comments posted here.

Now that we know the haters will NOT have clicked here because well.....they are haters, let's get on and enjoy the topic:
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The UK's very own Ben Portsmouth is currently wowing Brasil audiences with his show. The EPE World Champion ETA has another incredible triumph coming up- an apperance on David Letterman's THE LATE SHOW!! Millions will be tuning in to a week-long Letterman ETA Special which will feature a performance from a different ETA every day!!!

These wonderful ETAs are doing amazing work for and on behalf of THE KING!

These great Tribute Artists will be bringing the Elvis magic to Millions of Americans all this week!

Long Live the phenomenon of Elvis Tribute Artists! Long live THE KING!