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Thread: Elvis still reigns supreme at British pop charts

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    Elvis still reigns supreme at British pop charts

    Elvis still reigns supreme at British pop charts
    Posted on : 2005-01-11| Author : Roland Waite
    News Category : Entertainment

    To mark the 70th birthday of the king of rocks, SonyBMG, re-released Elvis Presley?s 1958 classic Jailhouse Rock, which was back at the top of the British pop carts yet again on Monday.

    The single became the 999th number one in the 52-year history of the British pop charts, and the music icon is touted as the hot favourite to take the all-important 1,000th top spot with another old favourite soon.

    Elvis edged singer Steve Brookstein, the winner of a British TV musical talent show, in the charts with his cover of the Phil Collins weepy Against All Odds, released late Sunday.

    Another re-release, The Number of The Beast by hairy British heavy metal veterans Iron Maiden were at number three, with synth-pop duo Erasure's song Breathe at number four.

    Flamboyant New York dance-pop outfit Scissor Sisters went straight in at number five Filthy/Gorgeous, with their debut album also topping its own chart.

    The record company, SonyBMG, will sequentially be re-releasing each of Elvis' 18 previous number ones week-by-week to mark his birthday celebrations. Next week sees the re-release of One Night, followed the week after by A Fool Such As I.

    Elvis, who died in 1977, still remains one of the world's best-selling recording artists. He last topped the British charts in 2002 with A Little Less Conversation.
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