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Again i make the point whenever an Elvis release has been given a good tv ad campaign it has had good chart success , so i dont understand why Sony do not back his releases anymore
I agree with you on the marketing end of this-when we first started discussing this MSG release I pointed out that they had not started any marketing for it such as was done for 30#1s which was a steady year of buildup with ads on TV and press tie ins, ads in magazines even some radio.
I also pointed out that by releasing a $5 Walmart cd of "Afternoon in the Garden" that it made little sense to sell nearly 500,000 copies since 2010 ......while planning a major box set of the MSG shows? Made no sense to water the possible sales of this box set.
But Sony can not make a huge general audience marketing campaign for everything Elvis did..., to we fans, Elvis at MSG was a huge marker in his career........sold out 4 shows huge success-but to general audiences the $5 AITG was fine if they were interested enough to buy it.
I think a huge marketing campaign started in 2011 might have made some difference in this release...the video footage was a plus, but since it is not the complete show and with the black screen for most of the hour-it would have been hard to really market it bigtime-without letting out the total truth about how much of the show was actually included on the video....we fans will perhaps pay $18 bucks for the 20 minutes of footage-but general audience is not going to.
I think perhaps for all the success of "30#1s" -maybe Sony was not quite as happy as we think with the sales.
"Second to None" had a modest campaign after "30#1s" but it did not sell as well....
I'm not sure what the answer is.
For any product you market to the buyer-we fans are the main buyers...they have no new music in the vaults, only soundboards of similar shows so they are limited in what they can do.
Elvis gains fans every year but he can not be in yearly competition with live recording acts-its just not possible to make him that current in death.
You can only remind people he was here long before the flavors of the month, and will still be selling when those flavors have soured.