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Thread: Just Need To Say This

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    Just Need To Say This

    I'm sure this has been discussed here before (probably at length), but I really do need to get something off my chest.

    I've been an Elvis fan all my life. He will always be tops with me, but there *are* other artists who music I collect and enjoy talking about. These include, the Beatles, the Beach Boys, the Carpenters, Charlie Rich etc. But it seems like when people find out I'm an Elvis fan I immediately lose credit with them. I guess they figure someone that likes Elvis can't possibly have an intelligent opinion about music or entertainment.

    This puzzles me. People have so many pre-conceived notions and buy into so many cliches' about Elvis it's ridiculous. I can understand someone just not liking his music or his performance style - everyone has their own tastes. But I don't think it's right to label all of his fans as blind followers who know nothing and have zero taste!

    There are some fanatics yes. Some people call me a fanatic or obsessed. His image and name have been used in some distasteful waysand this causes a lot of people not to take him seriously as an artist. But there's are a lot of very intelligent Elvis fans who just love the music and the entertainer and just want as much of the legacy as possible to enjoy.

    I could go on and on about why I think Elvis is the greatest performer ever, but that's not my point. Elvis may not get the respect he deserves, but I wish people would open their minds a little.

    Thanks for listening!
    "I can't see my reflection in the water. I can't speak the sounds that show no pain. I can't hear the echo of my footsteps. I can't remember the sound of my own name" - Tomorrow Is A Long Time

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    Hi there nash .

    At least we all have something to listen and positive to looked up to when the days went bad...Elvis songs and music...

    The story you exactly what happened to me with my in laws,
    at first i thought it was disrespectful, and how they always says " hey elvis is dead " as if i didnt know about it ..and giving me weird look, one of them even make fun of elvis voice ... sort of things like that.. i am pretty much immune to what they're saying...

    Those people who make fun or misunderstood of what we love or enjoy needs to 'get a life'...

    To my surprise.... my real family way back in Indonesia...accepted what i've been enjoyed for years ( Elvis ).. at first before i moved to oregon...i assumed people here would also did the same, especially they are american, place where Elvis from ... people are different I suppose ..

    thats all i can say ..for now ......

    keep rockin'....

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    my opinion always was and always will be that elvis was just so big and such a ground breaker that people that arent into him are always very jealous . i have been an elvis fan/collector 32 of my 42 years on earth, although elvis is my main passion in music and i don't collect other artists the way i do him, i also enjoy other singers as well. but the same thing happens to me eveyone kind of looks at me like i'm crazy that i am an elvis fan. even when allc went to number one and was being played everywhere, people liked the song but always followed it with 'oh but thats elvis'. hey no matter how you slice it there will never be a more sucsessful or influential singer/performer than elvis presley . people just better get used to that. have a great weekend... simmerrocks

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    As Elvis fans we all have probably experienced this snubbery from the music snobs. It doesn't bother me anymore. Don't you feel a little sorry for them? The most beloved entertainer in the history of the world and these folks are too snobbish to be in on it! It's a downright rotten low down dirty shame. It's Elvis' birthday! I'm going to be playing Elvis all day, maximum volume, for all my neighbors to enjoy

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    Yup, it definitely happens sometimes.

    Only difference between now ..... & the past ...... is that I grew up (peer pressure is over-rated ) and (as stated by others) .... it has no effect on me; in fact, 9 times out of 10, .... it speaks volumes about the people who take such a stance (it invariably coorelates very well to the kind of person that they are on multiple levels). Either that, or the individual is generally an ignorant or immature fool all around.


    Generally speaking:

    I've never understood why others feel compelled to put down things (innocent / harmless hobbies or passions) that others find / derive pleasure from. I certainly never would. Like I said, it speaks volumes about those who do.

    - Capt. "EL."

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    Quote Originally Posted by buttonhead
    one of them even make fun of elvis voice ... sort of things like that..
    And whenever someone does this, they are rarely making fun of Elvis' voice. The voice they choose to adopt is the corrupted version that pathetic impersonators choose to use - I say choose, it's more that they can't get close to the original. When most articles include mention of Elvis fans slipping on jumpsuits and many tv interviews at the time of anniverseries include an Elvis impersonator, it's no wonder non-fans think we are weird. Someone should lock those guys up for what they are doing to Elvis' image.

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    Yes , it's happened to me as well...when people find out I?m an Elvis fan they give me weird looks as if i was a freak or something...i don't care cos i think Elvis is the great entertainer ever and his voice is the best voice I?ve ever listen to....!!!!! most of the people i know don't know anything about Elvis apart from the most obvious clich? but they judge him thinking they know everything.......

    As someone said in this topic, they should be a bit more open-minded but if they don't want to...well then ...who cares what they say???!!!
    Elvis is the king!!!!
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    and I love you so..people ask me I've lived 'till now

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    Well my taste in music ranges from Rammstein to Britney Spears to Evanescence, to dance/lounge, to name a few.... and Elvis is the steady factor in all this!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MISSCLAWDY
    when people find out I?m an Elvis fan they give me weird looks as if i was a freak or something...
    That's exactly what happens to me all the time.. But I stopped worrying about it because I feel sorry for those people, they don't know what they are losing. I also like other musicians, but none like Elvis. He was unique, still is and will be the best forever. At least for me

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    I have the same experience Nash. People always think that I don't know anything about music, because I'm an Elvis fan. Just remember one thing if people critesize Elvis or our taste: Elvis fans have the best taste of them all. Lol. Afterall, even now he still is the best selling artist ever and that proves (I atleast think so) that he is just best (otherwise he never could have become so popular and would have been just as plain as the rest. He is without any doubt special.) and although there are also other good singers, they can't compete with Elvis. And I think many people are just jealous at Elvis and us, because we know who is the greatest. So just smile next time and than say: He is the best, because 50.000.000 fans can't be wrong. Lol.

    Be safe and take care,

    Christel (TCE)

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