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Thread: A single for asia...

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    A single for asia...

    Just watced on dutch tv the fund raising broadcast...the raised: 112.144.00 euro's 112 million euro's! we dutch people are really great! we have about 15 mil. people in our little country..and we raised that much money for the people in Asia, i really am proud to be a dutch man.
    But what if we push BMG Netherlands and BMG/Sony worldwide for a charity single for the people of Asia, and for the main part the children in Asia...
    Elvis always gave a lot of money to several charities, i think his record label HAS to follow!
    I just made a quick cover for this single, it has 2 tracks:
    Where No One Stands Alone and the B-side: You'll Never Walk Alone
    We must be able to raise a million with single! So bmg what are you waiting for!
    As you can see there are 2 typos in the cover, i will correct that in the full size cover! but i was so much in tears when i saw the pictures on tv of children that were caught by the waves and died..that i had to make this cover and rushed it a little bit, i'm very sorry for that! But i made this cover with those pictures in my mind..
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    Its off topic from alternate art discussion but... So far as those victims of asian tsunami.... i too broke down... personally I will always have connection with the hardest hit city in Indonesia, i just had good news couple days ago that one of my cousin who lived there in Banda Aceh was survived..

    Despite these crazy things going on earth....Its a wonderful feeling to see how people in this world got together to help those who needy... God Bless them...

    So far as the cover....Its a Great thought, Patrick .. maybe you can edited some of the story from the tragedy... ..... I think that as soon as people read the title for the single is for asian tsunami victims each and everyone of us would have our own vision just how terrible it was...

    keep your good work..

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    Hey patrick!!!

    Great Cover, Great Thout!!!

    This will be cool.

    Let us enjoy the full cover


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    Beautiful cover, from a Kind Heart.


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