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    Elvis Presley museum

    Well because of Elvis' 35th "death" anniversary there has been a original Elvis Presley museum in my city. Just 3 minutes away from my house. It has a 3 milion dollar worth collection and it's all straight from Memphis of course. It has the big last Cadillac from that he drove fro, 1974-1977,his first sun lps, some of his golden and platinum records, his kimono, the guitar from Viva Las Vegas and the red Hagstrom from '68 comeback special, the black Tahoe suit, the That's the way it its rehearsal (Mary in the morning, You've lost that lovin' feelin' outfit, a very rare Vegas suit I'm not quite familiar with, The King of Spades suit, his Army jacket, a huge sofa from Graceland his Love me Tender shirt and his police Badge and some jewellery. Of course the is more there such as a huge gift shop loads of his pictures and more little stuff. I was twice already and I plan to go once 3 times more. They sell great dvd's. Bought 3 all are bootlegs. Of course you can find all his movies and the concerts that have been released original but this stuff is bootleg material. I bought the Prince from another Planet dvd. It has both concerts plus the press conference but it's not the whole songs some of them are cut the afternoon show is quite a bit cut but the evening show is not. There os only a few very very show cut's in the evening show. From Kansas city to Sin city is a pretty good dvd made by european fans who went and took bits and pieces from the whole 1974 tour and put it in a 60 minute film. Some are whole songs, some are just half, some are karate moves....but the most interesting dvd I came across is Elvis Live Live Live volume 2. It has 2 concerts in full lenght and some great extras. Here's the link. Have you heard of this dvd? Gosh I hope I posted in the right forum.

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    Re: Elvis Presley museum

    Sounds wonderful, Kajo I can only wish we had such a museum near us and I have a bad feeling I can wait til the rest of my life It's so nice you shared this, thank you

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