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    Something strange

    I know that we discussed similar topic - during the Steamroller Blues Elvis threw away the pic that he hold in his hands from the beginning to that part of the show. I think that Im not the only one who considered it funny and "strange" at the same time, because he did not need that pic since the ending of Burning Love (last song he played with guitar), but now - I realized the similar thing in Omaha! He played with the guitar See See Rider, I Got A Woman, Thats Allright and Are You Lonesome Tonight.... but then - did you ever notice that he has his triangle guitar pic in Little Sister and And I Love You So? Was it his way how to fight with nerve - to play with guitar pic in his hands, or just hold "something"? I mean - for example everyone knows people who are fighting with nerve for example during interviews for new job, like playing with pen. Can this be similar thing?
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    Re: Something strange

    Hi Peter, nice seeing you around.

    I guess you're right. Elvis always seemed to have a nervous thing with his hands. Photos from the July '69 press conference show him always kind of bending his fingers and just playing aournd with his hands, pretty sure a way to handle his nerves. And there are many other moments like that in his life as you pointed out. So sure I guess just to hold at his guitar pick was kind of a nervous thing, just like many of us (or at least myself) will start drumming in the desk with the pen or something at stress points as you pointed out.

    It is well reported that Elvis was pretty nervous for the Aloha show, many people said he seemed stiff or unnatural in that show, well I'm sure there where reasons for that, the need of right timing because of precise airing time, the I can't make a mistake on this one as the whole world is watching this live... man I couldn't do it.
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    Re: Something strange

    Nancy Sinatra in her biography talked about how Elvis seemed to play with his wedding ring inbetween takes....turning it around his finger back and forth.
    I think others talked of how Elvis played with his wedding ring suring that period of time.
    Probably it was just nerves/an unconscious thing keeping his pick, just like playing with the wedding ring.
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    Re: Something strange

    I have sung on stage and i know a lot of other people who have to and it's very few who don't get nervous. Most enterntainers get nervous before they go on stage. The way each handles it is differant.
    Elvis was very open about hte fact her got nervous before he went on stage in On Tour he talks about it. Elvis was a nervous type of person most of the time i think adn i think the fidgeting was part of that.
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