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Thread: CÚline Dion duet.

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    CÚline Dion duet.

    Id take a nice studio version of that on a duets album, also Its Only Love has just played on my jukebox, and i gotta say it surprised me abit just how good this was, this is the type of song that could be used on a future duets project [if we get one] its an obscure enough track to surprise people and Elvis sings it well, with the right artist choice it could do well. I still believe with the right artists and careful song choice, a few early hits for the fans and a few rarer tracks [thats why ALLC did so well, it was new to the masses] that could surprise the public and chart a hit, it could be a great project. Just do it the once, but do it right ! no cutting corners !!!!!!!!!

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    Re: CÚline Dion duet.

    It's Only Love is one of my favs too, but for me I don't think there is any artist out there who can deliver the intensity to match his vocals. Although I can understand from a marketing perspective that this could be good, I just can't see it. I disliked the American Idol duet intensely and even though I think Celine has an amazing vocal range, it was just weak.

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