News on FTD releasing the MSG concert

'Madison Square Garden' Double FTD?: EIN has heard a reliable rumour that FTD is planning a not-too-far-away 'Madison Square Garden' Classic Album double-FTD. This past weekend the Venus import label announced their bootleg special double-pack of Elvis' well-known two RCA released Madison Square Garden performances called 'Operation: Big Apple' but taken from newly discovered source tapes (see news story below).
The 'Afternoon In the Garden' CD has of course recently been a good seller in the US via Walmart.
Having a Vic Anesini remix of Elvis' 'Afternoon In the Garden' concert would be terrific!!
EIN has asked FTD for a confirmation of their new release and a possible release date but have not had a reply as yet.

(News, Source;ElvisInfoNetwork)