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Thread: Opening night 1972

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    Opening night 1972

    Hey everyone 1st post in a while, anyway while on my spring break from school i was just able to hear the first show elvis gave in vegas for the year of 1972 and i have to say how much i loved it, during this show is when he would do a good amount of songs for the very first time. ALso during trilogy where normally at the beginning the stamps would say sing it stamps he actually joins them in singing that part. SO overall it is a great show and it is defintley one of my favorite shows elvis ever gave in vegas!!!

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    Re: Opening night 1972

    Yes that is a good show, the opening and closings shows in Vegas were usually much more energized and lengthy.
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    Re: Opening night 1972

    It's DEFINITELY a great show, especially to listen to the songs being introduced into the concert repertoire for the first time like YOU GAVE ME A MOUNTAIN, UNTIL IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO GO and I'LL REMEMBER YOU.


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