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Thread: Great News: CBS "Elvis" is currently in production...

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    Great News: CBS "Elvis" is currently in production...

    Excellent news :- C.B.S?"Elvis" is currently in production and is produced by David Janolly,producer of the superb Tv series "Six feet Under". The Casting was good :-Jonathan Rhys-Meyers as Elvis,Randy Quaid as Col.Parker.
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    Whether or not this is "great news" depends on how the end product turns out. If "Elvis" turns out as weird as "Six Feet Under"............??

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    Let's wait and see.............

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    So this guy play's elvis.....

    Lets see an wait

    The only thig i hope is, that the serie very fast on DVD is.
    Otherwise we don't going to see this I think.
    The serie is only for the USA, an not for Europe.

    So lets all hope on the dvd realese.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by JerryNodak
    If "Elvis" turns out as weird as "Six Feet Under"............??
    "Six feet Under" it?s not weird !... It?s a Tv masterpiece. And C.B.S?"Elvis" producer David Janolli is one of the main responsibles for it.
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    I've got mixed feelings about this miniseries!!

    Considering the image that EPE has spent years building up, basically by trying to ignore or hide any blemishes in Elvis' life and career, I just can't see this miniseries presenting the complete story of his life! I cannot believe that EPE would sanction a biography about Elvis which might show some of the negative periods in his life/career. So what I am afraid we'll wind up with is Elvis' life according to EPE! And I'm not saying that I would be thrilled to see the negative aspects of Elvis' life exposed to the national television audience by any means...but most anyone who knows anything about Elvis knows that he had his faults just like any other human being. Personally, I feel it would create an incomplete look at Elvis' life and career if some of his demons, so to speak, weren't included in some way in the's because of some of those demons that Elvis did some of the things he did and recorded some of the songs that he recorded. Now, I am not suggesting that these areas of Elvis' life should be dwelled upon....but I also don't think they should all be completely ignored either....but considering EPE has a say in the creation of this miniseries, I have a feeling that we're going to get the abridged version of Elvis' career!! But, I guess we'll wait and see....

    I am excited that they are actually going to use Elvis' own recordings in the movie!! While I think Ronnie McDowell does an OUTSTANDING job with Elvis' music in so many of the other biographies that we have seen, I think using Elvis' actual recordings will add that much more authenticity to the film!

    The only other uneasy feeling I have about this miniseries is some of the casting. I am not familiar with Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, so I can't say much about him....but Randy Quaid as Col. Parker? Perhaps he will make a fine Col. Parker, but all I can see when I hear Randy Quaid's name is Cousin Eddie from the "National Lampoon Vacation" films.

    Time will tell whether the 2005 version of "Elvis" is truly an epic film like the 1979 Kurt Russell version of "Elvis", or whether this will wind up being one of the forgettable Elvis miniseries like "Elvis and Me" or "Elvis and The Beauty Queen"!!


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    I like to know about the ending of the movie.

    (sorry guys bad joke)
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